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Lindsay Lohan makes her debut comeback in Falling for Christmas on Netflix

The festive season has finally arrived; you know what that means. It is now socially acceptable to watch at least one Christmas movie a day leading up to this year’s festivities. One thing’s for sure: Netflix got us in the mood for mulled wine and mince pie earlier this year, and the streaming service’s new movie, Falling for Christmas, is exactly why. Girls and Freaky Friday and possibly even The Parent Trap. In that case, you’re probably a top-tier Lindsay Lohan fan. Mean Girls was such an iconic film that it transcended mainstream movie status and became a bona fide pop culture phenomenon. Everyone quoted Mean Girls after the movie came out, merchandise was made and even online casino games were themed after the famous movie. Even today, there are still plenty of high-quality slot games themed around Mean Girls, and the high-quality animation and sound design make them a lot of fun to play. There are thousands of free slot games available to play online at VegasSlotsOnline. You can also play various casino games outside of slots, learn how to play these games from the pros and read in-depth reviews of these venues. After the star’s seemingly long absence from Hollywood, it feels good to welcome her back after three years in the Christmas spirit alongside Glee co-star Chord Overstreet in this wholesome Christmas flick.

This movie certainly doesn’t have the Hollywood budget of 2004’s Mean Girls, but it does have the much-missed spark of Lohan in the first of her two-movie Netflix deal. It’s wholesome, festive, and it honors the classic boy meets girl plot with a happy ending. The movie even tips its hat to the “Jingle Bell Rock,” a Mean Girls classic, which makes Lohan’s onscreen character shine even more. If you’ve forgotten everything that happened in Mean Girls, it’s definitely worth checking out too. You can even see if you find any Mean Girls secrets we wrote about at Cliche Mag that are clear for a second time!

Released on November 10, Lohan’s Sierra Belmont is the daughter of a wealthy hotel magnate. Sierra is extremely spoiled and lives a life far from reality with lavish parties, designer clothes and equally annoying friends.

When we first meet Sierra, she has been flown in a private jet to a luxury ski resort by her father, Beauregard (Jack Wagner), to discuss how to keep her out of trouble. He does this by appointing her as Vice President Atmosphere; however, the pressure doesn’t stop there. Her influencer boyfriend is also pressuring her to get married. He proposes to her on a mountain while the pair are skiing, though Sierra’s mischievous nature has other plans. When an unexpected skiing accident leaves her with amnesia, she is taken in by a warm-hearted local widower and his daughter, where she realizes there is more to life than the glamorous lifestyle she was once accustomed to.

While this movie’s storyline mirrors that of the classic suburban and Hallmark-esque holiday feel, Falling for Christmas also echoes the setup of 1987’s Overboard starring Goldie Hawn. We see Lohan’s character steadily go from wealth to rags in an unexpected transformation of her diva ways. Read more about Overboard at Vanity Fair to find more parallels between the two movies.

Elsewhere, fans have been busy praising the movie online, with some drawing comparisons to the hallmarks of a perfect Christmas movie. One fan wrote on Twitter: “FALL FOR CHRISTMAS is a damn delight and everything you want from a silly holiday rom-com: over-the-top camp characters, ridiculous physical comedy, sweet corny romantic moments, a gay awakening with a mountain man named Ralph It’s so much fun Lindsay Lohan is back baby!

Another fan also wrote: “Falling For Christmas on @netflix was everything missing from feel good Christmas movies!! I loved it!! The perfect comeback movie for @lindsaylohan.”

As you can see, the fan response to this movie has been amazing, so it’s definitely one to watch. However you spend this season, Netflix’s Falling for Christmas is the perfect recipe for all things festive and fun.

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