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Libra Weekly Horoscope


Do you feel like your sunny, vibrant self, Libra, or have you lit the candle at both ends? No matter where you fall on the spectrum, Wednesday’s new moon in Pisces brings a surge of life force energy to your sixth house of healthy routines. Get yourself a check-up, starting with your stress level. Are you biting off more than you can chew at work? Scale back appropriately or hold a general meeting to see who can support your efforts. Examine your space: Are you surrounded by chaos or clutter? Having a lot of objects in your line of sight will overstimulate your brain, even if you’re staring at a gallery wall of art prints. Turning your desk to the window can work wonders. As the new moon blows the whistle on sedentary habits and non-stop snacking, re-commit to regular workouts and clean eating, even if you have to design a program from scratch.

The call for self-care gets even louder on Saturday, March 5, when the life-giving sun moves in sync with the robust Jupiter in Pisces and that same work and wellness zone. They don’t call this “The Day of Miracles” for nothing! With these two planets fueling your tanks, profound change can take place. If you need to stock up on your closets and furnish a home exercise room, there won’t be a lack of inspiration this weekend. New career opportunities can also arise, especially if you follow Lucky Jupiter’s expansion plans and cast a bigger net. One DM to a distant influencer can create a groundbreaking collaboration that will give you greater visibility and generate a new wave of revenue. Pick a project you want to develop in the coming year and map out the first phase this weekend. For a bonus boost, take one daring action to get it moving. Timing is everything, and this Saturday it’s divine!

If you’ve been sweeping a problem (or some of them) under the rug, Libra, it’s time to do a full house clean. This Thursday brings a spicy fusion of your ruler, fair Venus, with pushy Mars and pervasive Pluto in Capricorn and your fourth house of domesticity. Anything to do with your physical whereabouts, living conditions or even ‘family of origin’ can be a source of distress to you right now, and the longer you leave it hanging, the worse it will feel. So as much as your peace sign hates conflict, you’re going to have to step up to the board. Think carefully before confronting someone: you don’t want to go on the offensive and put them on the defensive, but at the same time make it clear that you mean it. Whether it’s a “roommate situation” turned into a huge ordeal or a family member who is breaking their boundaries – find a way to put an end to this once and for all. If you are considering a renovation or move (or just a major renovation project), now is a good time to take a concrete step. While you don’t want to start waving hammers prematurely, you CAN create some Pinterest boards and do your research online. So go ahead, Libra: Start building excitement — and momentum!

If it’s been a while since you felt your fiercely romantic self, you’ll love what Sunday brings. Your ruler, lovebug Venus, AND lusty Mars switch to Aquarius and your fifth house of joy and passion — and share a Sunday toast with an exact conjunction. What. A relief. Since November 5, 2021, Venus in Capricorn has been cooking your emotionally stormy fourth house. This cycle included a holiday-disrupting retrograde from December 19 to January 29. Then Mars camped here on January 24, adding fuel to the mood-disrupting fire. Breathe out very long, Libra, for you are about to be engulfed in a wave of spring fever. Glamorous dress up dates, stunning romantic encounters and Instagram-worthy memories are headed your way. There may even be a proposal or pregnancy in the works before April is over.

But unlike some old-fashioned fairytale characters, you shouldn’t wait for the white steed to gallop toward your castle gate. With Mars and Venus in unconventional Aquarius, you take the lead in love. While Mars can make you a little strong, Venus will lend a lot of charm to make up for it. You could get away with anything right now, Libra – of course that doesn’t mean you should. (Oh, behave!) This planetary pair could push you onto the stage to perform, present, or otherwise impress the crowd. Give everything, Archer. Better to apologize for being too much than to hold back and live with regret!

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