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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson broke up because the ‘spark’ faded between them

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were confirmed this week after dating for nine months. Davidson is currently in Australia shooting a new comedy with Orlando Bloom. It was rumored that the distance between them was too great for Kardashian, who is busy with her four children and multiple cases. But a source who spoke to Entertainment Tonight said the end came because “the spark between” them “faded”.

Kardashian does think the former Saturday Night Live star is “so sweet, but she didn’t feel ready for anything serious with him.”

The source added: “They had a lot of chemistry, and still do, but she wants to be single and go out a little bit. Kim still loves Pete and will always be friends with him. She still thinks he’s the nicest and sweetest man in the world and there is no more drama or anything weird between them now.”

They continued: “She felt like Pete was the extreme opposite of Kanye and it was good for her then… At first she thought it would be a fun affair, but then things got more serious when they were spending so much time together. Kim didn’t feel like she was ready to settle down with him yet.”

Another source confirmed on Friday confirmed the end of their affair, saying: “Pete and Kim broke up. The distance was tough and things were starting to blow up… It was hard for them that Pete was gone for so long. Kim is doing well and she knows there’s a lot going on. Pete has been super busy too.”

The former couple hooked up on the set of SNL while Kardashian was hosting, and even shared a kiss in a skit where they played Disney’s Aladdin and Jasmine. Although it seemed like an informal relationship at first, they had recently appeared more often in public, even attending the Met Gala together.

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