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Kendall Jenner wore Fashion’s favorite cheap accessory

I may not be able to prove that Kendall Jenner’s favorite accessory when I was in Paris for PFW this week is in fact a cheap version of the trend I’m going to talk about, but I can prove that there are a lot of cheap versions.

Kendall Jenner has great taste and I love pretty much everything she wears, but I especially love it when she’s wearing trends that are really achievable. A good example is the PFW outfit I’m talking about, which consisted of straight-leg jeans, a turtleneck sweater under a leather bomber jacket, ankle boots and a shoulder bag. She accessorized the look with a baseball cap, a trend I can’t stop buying.

There are certainly plenty of expensive designer baseball caps to choose from, but there’s no need to spend $400 on one when you can get a cool one for just $19. Scroll to buy affordable baseball caps that prove it.

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