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Kelly Green is still popular – here’s how to wear it

I’m going to tell you something: some trends are underestimated and some are overhyped. You can scour the runways and scroll on Nordstrom thinking you’re excited about a trend, but you can realize it’s not flattering after you try it. And then there are the trends that you might find “ugly” or impractical at first glance, only to find that they look great on you. When it comes to the Kelly Green color trend, its classification falls into the latter. I can remember a time when the fashion set was ambivalent about color. A few seasons before the pandemic, not even a day went by when our editors weren’t obsessed with beige, oats, butter, and all the other neutrals — those shades had a gorilla grip on us. Sure, neutrals will always be an important part of wardrobes, but there’s something exciting about the rise of saturated hues, including Kelly Green.

Green’s popularity is due to the fact that luxury houses like Bottega Veneta have released spicy green-hued pieces in recent seasons. Kelly green is by no means a new color trend, but if you browse Shopbop’s new collection section or social media, you’ll come to the conclusion that this isn’t your grandmother’s green of the past. Newer versions of this color come in everything from oversized button-downs to miniskirts to clutches and platform shoes. The sheer versatility of what you can buy in this color (plus the fact that it looks good on everyone) makes it all the more tempting to use it. But if you’re not sure how to wear Kelly Green, keep reading. I’ve gathered 10 outfit ideas to show you how to style the hue and the best Kelly Green pieces to shop right now. Consider this your ultimate “cookbook” for carrying your veggies and serving a look.

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