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Issey Miyake Spring 2023 was an optimistic tribute to its late founder

Issey Miyake’s design team always fails to deliver something fresh, innovative and often unexpected during Paris Fashion Week. But, of course, there was a little extra anticipation ahead of the brand’s Spring 2023 outing on Friday, the first show since its namesake founder passed away in August.

Lead designer Satoshi Kondo and his team kicked off the show with a moment of silence, showing an image of Miyake on screens surrounding the runway, which was more of an open space for models to walk through in various formations. Two white abstract sculptures decorated the space, much like a grand piano, manned by a live DJ who artfully combined electronic and acoustic sounds to accompany the choreography of the show, which started with simple walking and later evolved into a full dance routine.

The Spring 2023 collection is a joyful – and beautiful – display of the ideas and techniques Miyake introduced to fashion: exploring the relationship between fabric and the body, using original materials to weave garments, sometimes from just ‘one piece of fabric’.

The show notes include a poem titled “A Form That Breathes”. There is:

kneading, cutting and shaping,
With hands and body completely,
To give form that is new and free.

Over there,
The form, once hard, still and still,
Jumps with ease as it breathes and grows,
Sing in rhythm.

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A form steeped in life, robust and lively,
Not defined, not limited,
To envelop the body, to free the mind.

issey miyake spring 2023 dance

The show format emphasized fabric and movement. Starting with more somber black and white looks and evolving into splashes of peach, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and green, each look had something that made you want to see every step as he walked, be it a strangely beautiful protrusion, a interesting bounce or an airy, cape-like back.

“We see design as a process driven by curiosity, built on extensive exploration – bringing joy, wonder and hope to life, and of course with a touch of playfulness,” read a quote attributed to “Designer Satoshi Kondo and design team in memory of Issey Miyake .”

The show grew more playful as it progressed, culminating in an expressive performance by professional dancers, who were later joined by the models for a finale march. They ended by running and frolicking together, with smiles on their faces. Joy, wonder and hope were all that remained.

Check out every look from Issey Miyake’s Spring 2023 collection in the gallery below.

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