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Is breast milk bad for adults? Common Misconceptions About Breast Milk

Over the years, with the increasing awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding, different ideas have emerged from people about the concept of breastfeeding and the benefits of breast milk. Many of these are misconceptions, as medical research suggests otherwise.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about breast milk

Breast milk cures all diseases in babies.

While the health benefits of breast milk cannot be compared, there is only so much that breast milk can do. Breast milk is a form of a healthy meal, it does not work as a medicine against diseases.

However, it contributes to the healthy development of babies. Medical research shows that breast milk is the main source of nutrients for babies, and helps their body systems develop antibodies to stay strong.

It is rich in sugar, protein, vitamins and minerals including several bioactive compounds such as; enzymes, growth factors, hormones and living cells. All the nutrients that breast milk contains are not powerful enough to completely cure a disease, they help the baby to form antibodies to fight against it. Therefore, in addition to breastfeeding, it is recommended to always use prescription drugs to cure diseases in babies.

Breast milk is unhealthy for a baby if the mother is sick

It is a common misconception that breast milk is bad for a child if the mother is not feeling well. Deciding to stop breastfeeding while sick could be bad for the baby, according to medical research.

Medical research has shown that continuous breastfeeding while a mother has a cold or flu helps protect the baby from illness. According to Dr. Christina Smillie, a pediatrician, lactation consultant, and founder of Breastfeeding Resouces in Stratford, Connecticut, the germ-fighting antibodies a mother’s body makes while on medication are transferred to the baby every time she breastfeeds. As a result, the baby cannot get sick.

Based on this, it is clear that being sick is not a sufficient reason to regard breast milk as bad for a baby.

Breast milk is bad for adults

While breast milk is exclusive to babies, it’s not bad for adults. Adults can decide to take breast milk and still stay healthy, as long as it comes from a clean and healthy nursing mother. Having breast milk from an unhealthy nursing mother leaves an adult open to foodborne illness. Breast milk contains, among other things, a combination of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and fat. All of these are generally healthy for the body.

Some reports suggest that breast milk helps build muscle in adults because it is packed with nutrients, but this is not scientifically true yet. Ultimately, breast milk for adults turns out not to be a nutrient for the body.

An average adult needs more nutrients than breast milk provides. Other than that, it’s generally not bad for adults.

You need milk to make breast milk

To breastfeed, a woman does not need to drink milk. Milk has nothing to do with milk production, by the way. Cows don’t even drink milk and they are a great source of milk. To produce milk, women just need to stay hydrated with any type of fluid and eat a healthy diet. The body takes the nutrients it needs from here and formulates breast milk.

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