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How To Get A Career In Fashion

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What are the best jobs in fashion?

Top Jobs in the Fashion IndustryFashion Industry Career Options. If you are interested in fashion but don’t know what specific career you might want, check out this list of fashion job titles.Art Director. An art director is responsible for the visual styling of a particular product. ...Buyer/Purchasing Agent. ...Fashion Designer. ...Market Researcher. ...Model. ...Top Fashion Skills. ...

What jobs can you get with a fashion degree?

What career prospects can you expect with a fashion management degree?Fashion & Luxury Merchandising. ...Brand Management. ...Public Relations. ...Fashion & Luxury Buying. ...Retail / Sales. ...Marketing / Advertising. ...Ecommerce / Social Media. ...Visual Presentation/Styling. ...Fashion Journalist. ...Production Management. ...

How to start your fashion career?

Think about the contacts you have in the fashion industry.Reach out to a more experienced mentor to get advice about how to begin your business. ...Many smart designers find a business partner they can trust. ...Another key contact is a PR person, or Public Relations guru. ...You will also need other professionals. ... More items...

How to start working in fashion?

So, the following year, they launched Studio 189, a social enterprise and lifestyle brand that sells African and African-inspired clothing and supports the artisans and communities that make them, based out of New York and Accra.



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