How To File A Claim On Fashion Nova

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Can I get a refund from Fashion Nova?

The complaint also alleges that Fashion Nova at times failed to refund consumers for the items that it did not ship. Instead, it was the company’s policy to issue gift cards, which are not considered refunds under the Mail Order Rule. The company also failed to cancel orders and provide refunds when it did not offer consumers delay option notices.

What does the Fashion Nova settlement mean for mail order rules?

The settlement also prohibits Fashion Nova from any further violations of the Mail Order Rule, and requires the company to ship ordered merchandise within one day of receipt of an order when the company doesn’t specify a shipping date.

What did the FTC do about Fashion Nova?

The FTC received thousands of complaints about Fashion Nova’s shipping and refund practices from American consumers, as well as hundreds from consumers located in Canada and more than fifty other countries, affected by the company’s actions. The Commission vote authorizing the staff to file the complaint and proposed stipulated order was 5-0.

Did Fashion Nova violate the fast shipping rule?

According to the complaint, Fashion Nova violated the Rule in two ways. First, the company made clear promises to consumers for years that they offer fast shipping of their products. This includes using phrases like “Fast Shipping,” “2-Day Shipping,” and “Expect Your Items Quick!”

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