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How To Become A Fashion Nova Influencer

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How much do Fashion Nova influencers get paid?

As Fashion Nova grew, Saghian added celebrities as influencers on Instagram. Celebrities like Cardi B were paid $20,000 per month to wear Fashion Nova and promote it to her 19 million-and-counting- followers while one post on the brand from Kylie Jenner meant a sales figure of $50,000.

What makes Fashion Nova different from other fashion brands?

Fashion Nova speaks directly to an urban audience that has an extensive reach over social media, and this is where the brand scores over its competitors. Although the brand uses celebrities as influencers, Saghian also believes every customer is an influencer and focusing on each one of them is the brand’s secret success formula!

How do I become a Fashion Nova ambassador?

How to Apply to Be a Fashion Nova Brand Ambassador: To become a Fashion Nova brand ambassador model you can start by tagging your Instagram posts with @fashionnova or #Novababe. Once you’ve tagged a few posts, you can reach out to the Nova PR team via, or contact them via their website with links to your social media posts ...

How to become a fashion influencer?

If you want to become a fashion influencer, the first stage is to be well-prepared not to give up at the start of the journey. You will have to produce high-quality content every day to gather an audience if you chose Instagram as your main platform.



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