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How To Battle A Fashion Designer Pokemon Go

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What can I do during Fashion Week in Pokémon Go?

During Fashion Week in Pokémon Go, you can collect a selection of event exclusive field research tasks by spinning PokéStops. These tasks can then be saved in your field research collection and completed after the event ends if you so choose.

Is furfrou in Pokémon Go's Fashion Week?

It's Fashion Week again in Pokémon Go! This year's Fashion Weeks sees the release of Furfrou from Gen 6 into Pokémon Go, alongside new costume Pokémon, a timed research quest and exclusive field research tasks for the event. You can even battle Fashion Challengers!

What Pokémon can you catch with costume forms in Pokémon Go?

In keeping with Fashion Week, Butterfree, Sneasel and Blitzle all have new costume forms for you to collect. You can also catch the costume Pokémon from last year's Fashion Week - Smoochum, Kirlia, Shinx and Croagunk - and all of these costumed Pokémon will have shiny forms available.

How do you get furfrou in Pokémon Go?

Fashion Week marks the release of Furfrou, the poodle inspired Gen 6 Pokémon, into Pokémon Go. Furfrou, when caught, will be in its natural form, but, depending on your region, you can give it a variety of trims through the use of Candy and Stardust.



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