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How Much Do Fashion Journalists Make

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How much do fashion journalists get paid UK?

Newspaper journalists with one to four years' experience can expect to earn between £14,900 and £24,350. For those with five to nine years' experience it is £21,700 to £35,000. With over ten years' experience, newspaper journalists can earn between £22,000 to £39,000. The pay for fashion journalists who work as freelancers can be even more varied.

What is the salary of a fashion magazine journalist?

These include specialist fashion magazines and more general magazines or newspapers that also cover fashion. According to graduate careers website Prospects, typical starting salaries for a magazine journalist range from £15,000 to £26,000, but may be as low as £12,000. Once a magazine journalist has some experience, salaries are often negotiable.

What is it like to be a fashion journalist?

A career in fashion journalism, which may seem appealing to just about everyone interested in the world of fashion, is actually a competitive and tedious profession. It requires considerable interest in happenings related to all aspects of fashion. Moreover, one needs to have the ability to write and research effectively.

What is the salary of a fashion journalist in India?

In India, with the fashion industry booming, there is a large demand for fashion journalists. The annual starting pay can be anywhere between Rs. 250,000 and Rs. 350,000 and this is likely to increase exponentially if you manage to make a name for yourself In the world of fashion journalism, and as your level of experience grows.



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