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How Many Fashion Week Challenges Are There

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What are fashion challengers challenges?

These challenges are battles players have to compete in and win against a Fashion Challenger in order to complete research requests given to them by Professor Willow. Fashion Challengers are basically trainers available during Pokemon Go 's Fashion Week.

How many fashion weeks are there?

There are technically two major ones: one that spans from February to March, the other from September to October. These are the ones that people typically refer to when they say “fashion week”.

What are the fashion challenges in Pokémon Go 2021?

Fashion Challenges are a unique part of Fashion Week in Pokémon Go. From Sept. 21–28, 2021, the game will have additional features like cute outfits and research requests seen throughout the game.

How do timed research tasks work at Fashion Week?

For the event's timed research tasks, players will have to complete all of the task steps before the event is over in their timezone if they want to collect all of the available prizes. There is a total of five task steps for the Fashion Week timed research tasks this year.



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