How Long Does Fashion Nova Express Shipping Take

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Does Fashion Nova do overnight shipping in Canada?

This video about overnight shipping from Fashion Nova may be relevant to you. She talks about FN at 16:16 in the video. She paid extra for overnight shipping and didn’t get her order until 4 business days later. They clearly don’t have their business together as it relates to Canadian shipping.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Please note that orders to US destinations may take 1-12 business days from the date that it is shipped out, not necessarily from the date that it is placed, depending on the shipping method selected and final destination of the order. When your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information.

What is Fashion Nova’s return policy?

Potential fraudulent or criminal activity. Similarly, Fashion Nova reserves the right to limit, refuse, and/or reject returns (both in-store and online) to any customer or entity, due to similar actions as noted above. Was this helpful?

Is there a phone number for Fashion Nova customer service?

I have never had a problem receiving my ordered items in the past from Fashion Nova. Until NOW, I have tried SEVERAL times to call LSO AT 866-215-8009, 800-800-8984 and 512-872-6900. NO ONE EVER ANSWERS THE PHONE, EVEN THOUGH THE HOURS OF OPERATION ONLINE STATE 7:30AM - 7:30PM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME!!!

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