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How Fashion Nova Achieve Massive Sales On Instagram

Learn everything about How Fashion Nova Achieve Massive Sales On Instagram
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How did Fashion Nova make its money?

Fashion Nova is a MASSIVE hit in the world of fashion: Generated more than $400 million within just 18 months after launching their website. A tailor-made Instagram brand with over 20M total followers on three different accounts. The value of Fashion Nova’s social media exposure is more than that of H&M and Zara combined.

How many influencers does Fashion Nova have on Instagram?

Fashion Nova now has 3,000 influencers on Instagram and experienced a 600 percent growth in 2017 thanks to clever influencer marketing! What makes Fashion Nova different from others?

Is Fashion Nova's social media campaign working?

The campaign seems to be working. In just three years, Fashion Nova has grown to a staff more than 600 people, who churn out up to 500 new clothing designs every week. Along the way the company has picked up 6.9 million Instagram followers and a stable of celebrity endorsers like Jenner and Amber Rose.

How Instagram is changing the fashion industry?

Instagram has provided the chance to brands like Fashion Nova to challenge the traditional fashion institutions. Using social media, crowds can express their opinion and taste which made market opportunities visible to small scale niche e-retailer.



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