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How Do You Stay Current On Fashion Trends?

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How to stay up to date with current fashion trends?

There are many different ways to glimpse the current trends and stay up to date with your wardrobe. Through taking some time to read magazines, watch television and watch what people are wearing on the street, you can get an idea of what is happening in the fashion industry. Keep in mind what you would feel comfortable wearing.

How often does Fashion Week happen?

Fashion Week happens twice a year here in the US in NYC, once in the second week of September, and once in the second week of February. In the first you will catch the newest Spring/Summer trends and in the second you will catch a glimpse of the Fall/Winter top trends.

What are the best ways to stay ahead of trends?

There are also some annual events that are essential to watch, and view photos from, in order to stay ahead of the trends: The Grammy's: The recording industries's most prestigious award. This is where the young and trendy are seen both on screen and in the audience.

How can I get fashion tips and advice?

Receive email newsletters from the Style website to give you up-to-date fashion ideas. Keep in mind your age and body type when reading these newsletters. Keep your eyes open when you are out for fashion ideas.



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