How do you know which CBD strain is best for you?

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There are many CBD flower varieties to choose from. At first, you might scoff at all the odd-sounding names: for example, is the difference between Papaya Nights and Frosted Kush really significant enough to merit such exaggerated names?

Scientists still debate whether the differences between cannabis strains make sense, but it is an objective fact that no two hemp or cannabis strains have exactly the same chemical composition. With varying concentrations of terpenes and small cannabinoids, there is certainly reason to suspect that different hemp strains can provide really different results.

With this reality in mind, how do you choose the right hemp strain for your needs? One kind can make you sleepy, while another can help you focus. Read below why hemp strains are unique and learn how to select the right hemp strain for your needs.

The terpene factor

Modern cannabis researchers believe that the differences in the effects that Indicas and Sativas provide can be traced back to their terpene profiles. Terpenes, which are found in many other plants besides cannabis, are aromatic oils that often have powerful healing properties. For example, the terpene linalool is found in both lavender and cannabis, and it has been studied extensively for its potential to help with sleep disorders.

When choosing a CBD strain to smoke or vape, you may want to target specific terpenes. For example, limonene is known to have an anti-anxiety, stimulant effect, and beta-caryophyllene acts like a cannabinoid in your body. Terpenes open up a whole new world of potential hemp effects, and we are just now beginning to learn how to make the most of these beneficial plant compounds.

Choosing the best CBD strain

Here’s what to look for when choosing a CBD flower strain:

Indica strains are relaxing; Sativa strains energize Each terpene in CBD flower can exert individual effectsCBD combines with the terpenes and small cannabinoids in hemp flower to provide the “entourage effect”. The small cannabinoids (CBN, CBG, CBC, etc.) in CBD flower can subtly alter the effects you experienceCustomer reviews help you choose the right CBD flower company

As the popularity of CBD flowers increases, so does competition, encouraging companies to produce better and better products. The golden age of CBD flower has arrived and there is a perfect hemp flower strain for everyone.

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