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How Did Fashion Nova Do Marketing Program

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What is Fashion Nova?

As a creative marketing agency that handles clients in the fashion industry, we must keep up with the demand of creating new content, or a reality TV star, who runs the risk of being captured by paparazzi in the same clothes, Fashion Nova’s uber-trendy gear provides a solution.

How does Fashion Nova work with influencers?

Fashion Nova currently works with about 3000–5000 social media influencers who create promotional content for the brand and get some sort of compensation for it whether that be money or consistently receiving free clothing.

Is Fashion Nova's social media campaign working?

The campaign seems to be working. In just three years, Fashion Nova has grown to a staff more than 600 people, who churn out up to 500 new clothing designs every week. Along the way the company has picked up 6.9 million Instagram followers and a stable of celebrity endorsers like Jenner and Amber Rose.

Who is Fashion Nova’s target audience?

Its target audience is women with shapes like Belcalis Almanzar, also known as Cardi B, or Blac Chyna  —  who have bulbous hips, round butts and spindle-like waists. Fashion Nova’s clothing is revealing, tight, barely-there streetwear and club attire — but the company is not.



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