Great outfits in fashion history: Jane Birkin in a timeless vacation tank top

There are perfectly good celebrity-style moments, and then there are the looks that really stick with you, the ones you desperately try to recreate at home. In “Great Outfits in Fashion History,” Fashionista editors look back at their all-time favorite lewks.

Everyone’s individual exploration of style is underway. Some stick to a distinct look for decades, others flirt with different ideas of what to wear every week. Most of us can relate to judging our former selves for outfits we can’t contain to wear again. However, there are few whose approach to clothing defies trends and seasons. With a laid-back wardrobe of Parisian essentials, Jane Birkin is one such person.

Looking back at images of the English actor in the late ’60s and early ’70s doesn’t even feel like a trip down memory lane, as most of her looks were just as relevant then as they are now. From classic white t-shirts to sheer mini-dresses to gently worn denim, Birkin is the eternal muse, influencing contemporary designers as they come up with new ways to create basics that will linger in our closets forever.

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Birkin’s sun-kissed vacation outfits were some of her best. On a trip to the Cote d’Azur in April 1973, the style icon wore a timeless holiday ensemble that comes back to my mind every spring when I long for those summer vacations: a square-neck, ruffled sleeveless top tucked into flared jeans with raw-edge seams. and worn with leather platform sandals. Her long hair completes the effortless sunny look with light ocean frizz and beach waves.

If you’re in the mood to channel Birkin this spring, shop for springy tanks with a similar vintage charm from the gallery below.

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