Finding out whether hair extensions actually damage the hair

If you’ve ever considered getting extensions in your hair, such as clip-on or tape-ins, you’ve undoubtedly jumped on the internet to do your research. While the internet is a good source of all sorts of information, there is a lot of content on the internet that you should not trust blindly, and one such unsuspecting myth regarding hair extensions is that they seriously damage your hair.

The myth and misconception

When hair extensions were relatively new to the fashion industry, they received a lot of negative press for several reasons. The underlying reasons for assumptions about hair damaged by extensions may have arisen because many women with thinner and brittle hair are larger customers of hair extensions for obvious reasons. While their thinning hair is the reason they wear extensions, the media looked the other way.

Do hair extensions damage your hair?

The simple answer to this looming question is that hair extensions don’t damage your hair in the least. They do not disturb or affect your natural hair at all, provided they are applied and cared for professionally.

While in the past the only popular option for hair extensions were clip-ins, which were often visible from the seams and by the nature of their application put strain on your natural hair, newer options like this remy tape in hair extensions don’t put any strain at all. your roots.

Permanent hair extensions do indeed cause some damage to your natural hairline, but temporary hair extensions do not cause any damage at all. Temporary hair extensions are perhaps the safest form of all available solutions to temporarily lengthen or thicken your hair, provided they are installed correctly and professionally.

How to safely apply hair tape in hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions will last between 6-12 weeks, provided you take good care of your hair, brush it often and don’t apply too much hair oil. To ensure that your extensions are not damaged, it is critical that you apply them safely, and you can either have a hair technician do it or learn to do it yourself.

If you choose to go to a technician, make sure you choose one with a good reputation and an established clientele for hair extensions. Visiting an amateur hairstylist wouldn’t do you or your extensions any good.

However, if you choose to apply the tape extensions yourself, you should start by washing your hair thoroughly and drying it completely. Next, mark a spot in your head about an inch away from your neck and create a horizontal section. You should knot them away from the top part of your hair so they don’t get in the way of your extensions.

You would then take small manageable sections of your hair, place the extensions underneath and then apply the tape to that section with pliers for a long lasting application. Repeat for the rest of your sections and brush to reveal beautiful, long and thick hair underneath.


While the use of hair extensions is a fashion statement for many, they can be a necessity for those suffering from thinning and brittle hair. Don’t let false myths and assumptions about hair extensions stop you from using them, and only use expert and trusted websites for information.

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