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Fashion Stylist Who Found Inspiration

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Who do you look to for style inspirations?

“One person on social media I look to for style inspiration is Alicia Roddy. She's not afraid to experiment with colors, much like myself. I also love how every outfit is so stylish and chic, and really can bring out your taste in fashion and your personality.”

Who is the NYC fashion stylist?

The NYC fashion stylist has worked with clients like H&M, Vince Camuto, and French Connection, and has contributed editorial styling to magazines like Vanity Fair, Glamour, Interview, and many others. Fashion stylist and creative director Jimi Urquiaga began his career in Los Angeles before relocating to be a fashion stylist in NYC.

How can I get inspiration for my fashion portfolio?

Getting inspired by portfolios of others who work in your field will not only give you tons of ideas for your next styling gig, it will also help you plan out what to include in your portfolio. Our fashion portfolio builder was made by creatives for fashion photographers, models, and creatives of all stripes.

Why is it important for stylists to know fashion terms?

For this reason, it is important for stylists to be knowledgeable about fashion terms, designers and publications. Not also does this make us more creative, but it adds to our expertise, and gives integrity to our personal brand.



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