Fanacci Fashion- The most advanced and versatile clothing collection

Today we would like to introduce FANACCI, a great lifestyle and technology brand with a mission to improve the performance and lifestyle of the modern dynamic individual through innovative clothing and carefully designed wearable products.

FANACCI’s fashion-tech clothing line [1]- the most advanced and versatile clothing collection, was officially unveiled today and launched for pre-order on Kickstarter.

FANACCI is a London-based lifestyle technology start-up. The company’s mission is to improve the performance and lifestyle of modern dynamic individuals by creating carefully designed wearable products. The brand’s new collection ‘Clothing Line’ [1]’, is inspired by everyday essential workwear, combined with activewear technology and functionality, and includes:

The VOYAGER Suit: The sleek look of a suit, but feels like a hoodie set.

The ACTIONER Blazer: Power blazer-jacket hybrid – easy to take with you on the go.

The DISCOVERER Shirt: A cool shirt/overshirt, designed for the busiest days.

The EXPLORER pants: comfortable everyday pants that transform into jogging pants.

The RECHARGER T-Shirt: The perfect T-Shirt.

Any of the clothing line’s product: [1] are completely versatile in styling, accessibility, storage, function, occasion and season – making them ideal for everyone to wear to work, commuting, relaxing, exercising and more.

“All the features incorporated into our products are focused on our mission to improve the performance and lifestyle of today’s dynamic individuals – people with busy, versatile lifestyles: working, exercising, socializing, etc. We have created one collection that all dressed in the same clothes,” said co-founder and CEO, Dr. Farhaan Essoof. “FANACCI was born out of a personal pain point, because I couldn’t find a clothing brand I could identify with. I enjoy technical products that are well designed to to create a great user experience that fits my lifestyle”.

dr. Farhaan Essoof, CEO of FANACCI

The capsule collection has been developed over many months by clothing experts, designers and companies around the world using material science and engineering principles. It features a variety of technical features based on FANACCI’s innovative ‘SuperMultiFlex’ fabric concept, which combines up to six fabric fibers to make the products super soft, lightweight, stretchable, wrinkle resistant, anti-pill, antimicrobial/odor resistant, moisture wicking, stain resistant and Thermo-regulating To further enhance the wearing experience, other constructions were added to the products, such as pant-to-jogger mechanism, adjustable collars, dynamic drawstrings, adjustable waist press studs among others, as well as other small and precise ‘easter egg’ details that be discovered by the carriers. All five products in the FANACCI clothing line [1] are available for all genders and in multiple colors and consumers can pre-order from January 18, 2022 – March 1, 2022. The 5 products are worth £1085 ($1465) and during the Kickstarter campaign the entire collection can be pre-ordered from £488 ($659). For more information, visit FANACCI on Kickstarter or at

Our mission

FANACCI is a lifestyle technology brand. Our slogan is AUGMENTED LIFESTYLE refers to our mission to improve the performance and lifestyle of modern dynamic individuals by creating carefully designed wearable products. We are trying to reinvent the way we think, feel and interact with the things we wear.

Our ultimate VISION is to empower people through wearable; and we’re trying to achieve this by developing an ecosystem of wearable products. We want to bring our identity of taking a scientific and thoughtful engineering approach to an arsenal of wearable products, starting with apparel.

Our story

FANACCI was originally founded in 2020 in Mauritius as a high-tech workwear brand. In the same year, we released our first clothing collection called “Designed to Empower” and our second collection “Taking over the city” in 2021; both during the Covid-19 pandemic. To accelerate our vision of building an ecosystem of wearables as a technology company, we decided to relocate the company to London, UK in late 2021 to leverage the city’s wealth of technology and startup know-how.

Modern dynamic customers

The FANACCI brand is made for busy people; the change agents, the world beaters, the leaders; Those who are motivated to achieve greater things. We exist for them. Our brand essence is to inspire and empower them to achieve their goals. This group of people lives a busy multifaceted lifestyle, working, exercising and playing hard. We strive to develop products that respond to and enhance that lifestyle.

The founders

dr. Farhaan Essoof – CEO at FANACCI

Farhaan is the Chief Vision Officer of FANACCI. He has been involved in various aspects of his family business in fashion from an early age, including product development, purchasing, merchandising, marketing and sales. He holds a medical degree from the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) with an Intercalated Certificate in Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship from TechInnovate. After graduating as a doctor, he worked at University College Dublin in life sciences technology transfer, where he also led the Clinical Innovation Programme. Farhaan aims to use his knowledge in fashion, human physiology, technology commercialization and health technology to develop the FANACCI vision.

Jinaan Esoof – Creative Marketing Director at FANACCI

Jinaan the Creative Marketing Director of FANACCI. She has over 5 years of experience in online fashion marketing, including content development and planning. Jinaan has led numerous fashion campaigns in Africa and the UK. She holds a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from Babson College and Certificates in Creative Direction, Fashion Design and Fashion Manufacturing from the University of Arts London (UAL). She is currently a PowerMBA (digital marketing) candidate. Jinaan has directed more than dozens of fashion shoots in Africa and the UK.

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