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E-wallet at online casinos is similar to a bank account

Payment services for games of chance: E-Wallets

One of the main advantages of online casinos is their 24/7 availability. You can bet for money on the slots of virtual gaming sites anytime, anywhere. In this case, the only technical condition is the presence of an Internet access device and a stable communication channel. And the first and second are easy to get even with a minimal investment. Usually it is enough to have a modern mobile phone The main option of this approach is the ability to store funds remotely. Every player who has created an account at an online casino has his or her own online casino account.

Saving money at the right level is of utmost importance. This is one of the main indicators of the reliability of the establishment as a whole. In other words, despite the fact that the money is not in the player’s hands, he can freely dispose of it to interact with the slots. If you do not count the ability to transfer real money to the in-game currency, then its main feature is the speed of crediting and withdrawing funds to a real bank account. This also includes the limits set in this context.

How does it work

It should be immediately clear that an e-wallet on an online casino server and a bank account are not the same thing. Despite the fact that the main function in both cases is to save money, the secondary differences are very significant. The main ones are:

money is linked to an account in the casino, can only be used for placing bets; no interest is accrued on the balance of the gaming account; It is impossible to use game money to pay for purchases in conventional stores; you cannot use the funds in the account to transfer to the player’s account.

This storage method copes with its main task simply wonderfully. The online casino customer can use their money in the gameplay in any order. It doesn’t matter how many slots are presented on the playground, or who their provider is. All funds can be used to allocate bets in classic video games, roulette, card offers or bingo.

Most gambling establishments use their own virtual currencies. For example, in the classic Spin Samuraj Casino, these are coins. Some people call them tokens or game dollars. This approach is necessary to make offering the establishment equally easy for visitors from every country, with different currencies. Conversion into the casino’s money system takes place automatically at a certain rate. Often, during a gambling session, a customer is presented with information about the account balance, both in their own monetary units and in the local currency.

Security of funds is guaranteed

The capitalization level of the largest online casinos runs into the hundreds of millions of dollars. For all the importance of such amounts, they still do not reach a comparable figure in the banking sector. However, both types of institutions spend heavily to ensure the safety of customer electronic funds.

For the casino guest, the first step in this direction is to open their own account. For the simplicity of this step, please fill in your information responsibly, as any inaccuracy could be critical if access to your account is restored.

As a rule, it is tied to a mobile number. Sometimes to the email box. Casinos with a crystal clear reputation may also ask for other data. Such extra hassle is then many times outweighed by the benefits of gambling.

The establishment develops a work schedule with the game account, which is most convenient for the client. Current risks are taken into account. In general, the order of overcoming unplanned situations can be represented as follows


Ways of solving

Forgotten Password

Restore access via phone number, email or secret question

Network error

Use of backup servers with different localization and additional power supplies

Increased server load

Build workstations on modern equipment with more resources.

Attempted account hacking

Use of powerful cryptographic technologies. Timely update of security parameters.

DDOS attack on the server

Implement mechanisms to detect spam bots

Although it is technically very easy to open an online casino, the administration of the institutions prefers not to take risks and uses the most reliable servers, which store huge amounts of data can process in milliseconds.

All money transactions in one click

As already stated, the ability to play real money online slots is provided by the casino guests with a personal money account. The main types of transactions are:

crediting money to the account and withdrawing it; automatic conversion to game currency; use of slots in allocating bets; receiving prize coins and winnings.

The in-game payment system is thoroughly tested before launch. As a rule, programmers do not write it from scratch, but use already ready-made and proven pieces of digital software. Such an approach makes it easier for the licensing authorities to control the place.

Prospects for improving financial mechanisms

Already now, the operational capabilities of the casino game account are significantly better than those parameters that gave rise to virtual gambling establishments. The simple storage of money has been transformed into a functional aid, with which actions can be carried out immediately and safely.

The main emphasis in the further development of the order of using a game account is to increase its functionality and access speed. So today it can be managed from a mobile phone at any time of the day or night. Now such technologies are being developed as:

maximum integration of the game payment system into the banking system; ability to use funds to make payments; introduction of financial mechanisms in the game account.

E-wallet game sites today offer complete security of the funds deposited on them. Using it is as safe as a bank account. Some players use this approach as a backup to save their operational resources.

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