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Dove Cameron wears a strapless floral dress at MTV VMAs 2022

Nominated for Best New Artist and Pre-Show Artist, Dove Cameron came to give a very unique look at the MTV VMA awards ceremony tonight in Newark, New Jersey. The “Boyfriend” and “Breakfast” singer paired a strapless floral dress with three straps – one around her neck, another around her bust, and a third around her waist. She wore her brown hair in double braids.

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Cameron’s appearance at the MTV VMAs comes days after she released the music video for “Breakfast,” which explores a gender-reversed world in the wake of Roe v. Wade’s overthrow. She reflected on her nomination for best new artist in an interview with Cosmopolitan released this weekend – and how much it means to her after the viral success of “Boyfriend.”

“I remember waking up to a lot of texts like ‘Congratulations on the nomination!’ And I had absolutely no idea. That’s really great, something in recognition of the work I’ve done,” she said. “I always stand six feet in front of me, fold the laundry and write in 100 diaries, and just try getting through my day, that the awareness that other people see me is pretty low And I know that sounds funny to someone whose job is to make things and then send them out into the world, but I think, because I’m so busy making things, it’s like I’m cooking 100 pots. When someone says, ‘Oh, yeah, I’ve seen your thing.’ I’m always like, “What? Oh, right. Yeah, there were cameras when we filmed that show.” And so I was really shocked. I think I probably cried, and I called my mom and I was like, ‘Mom, you don’t understand, this is the biggest deal.’ I am very moved.”

“‘Boyfriend’ was such a surprise to me, the way it unfolded, and I didn’t expect anyone to ever hear it let alone be on mainstream radio or have some sort of mainstream impact.” have,” she continued. “The fact that it’s a queer song, and I was probably nominated this year based on that queer song, makes all the more sense because I think it connects us all, and I feel like I only exist for human beings. link. So it’s very exciting. I’m still trying to get my head around it.”

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