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Today we want to help you discover inspiring design trends on Artsper. If you’re not familiar, Artsper is a great online platform that provides access to one of the largest catalogs of contemporary artwork from the best galleries around the world. We don’t joke either. They display more than 170,000 works of art.

For those of you who love design, be it fashion or art, you will always want to know what the latest trends are, and we’re here to let you in on a secret: Artsper. There you can discover works of art by emerging artists and famous artists from all corners of the world. Being creative ourselves, we love art and can’t wait to share more about what’s trending on Artsper.

Artsper’s well-curated collections allowed us to quickly and easily view talented artists and their work using helpful filters to help us find exactly what we were looking for. From sculpture to painting and photography, they have it all for every budget. Let’s dive in and check out some of the latest design trends on Artsper.

Bright and vibrant colors

We think it’s safe to say that the past few years have presented challenges and hurdles for all of us. An emerging new trend is the use of more bright colors in paintings. Brighter colors are cheerful, distinctive and convey a sense of ultimate expression that we can all appreciate these days. No one does this trend better than the iconic Takashi Murakami, whose work is available on Artsper.


Landscape art is one of our favorite trends that features prominently at Artsper this year. For those who may not know, landscape art typically depicts natural landscapes where the weather and often the sky are elements of the painting with varying degrees of accuracy. As a fashion magazine that has run hundreds of photo shoots over the years, we know that beautiful scenery is critical to a creative and professional photo shoot.

We loved the landscape paintings on Artsper, including the more modern interpretations by artists like Kurar. The street performer uses surreal and colorful approaches to create a dialogue about today’s social problems. Whether you prefer traditional serene landscapes or contemporary cityscapes, Artsper has this trend covered.

design trends on Artsper

Kurar -Reappropriation 8 , 2021 | $10.392

Abstract art

Guillaume Vervandier Abstraction #69, 2021 €580

We appreciate abstract art because it is imaginative and free for interpretation. Abstract art in its purest form is not tied to reality or intended to represent anything in our visible world. We love abstract art because it allows an artist to see with their minds, to create a masterpiece using color and shapes to keep us intrigued.

Abstract art is said to have originated in the early 20th century, so how can it be a current trend? It’s easy. Abstract art is not defined by the artist or the time in which it was created. Abstract art has the power to enhance the mood and atmosphere of a living space. We are especially interested in abstract prints as they are an inexpensive way to instantly add another dimension to your space.

Figurative Art

Bastien Ducourtioux Blueberry , 2020 1 700€

We’ve found that figurative art on Artsper is both exceptional and popular, making it a definite trend to keep an eye on. Figurative art is best defined as any form of art where the subject is recognizable from the real world. In other words, figurative art is almost the opposite of abstract art, making them a perfect match for a home. A fine example of figurative art is this sculpture by Luo Li Rong. This portrait is hyper-realistic and stylish – the perfect addition to a modern home. You will certainly appreciate the hundreds of figurative artworks on Artsper, including this amazing pop art portrait of Mr. brainwash. Did you immediately know who it was? We did and the resemblance is absolutely stunning.


Art continues to be an important source of inspiration and nostalgia for so many people around the world. These design trends on Artsper show a strong desire on the part of artists to immerse themselves in self-expression and creativity in uncertain times. As an art lover, the money you may have spent on a vacation, a new wardrobe or a concert can now be used to invest in the interior of your home and add unique and special works of art to your collection.

We love Artsper’s marketplace because it provides an all-in-one platform for artists, photographers, painters, sculptors, and others to not only showcase their work, but also earn an income by selling their artworks directly to buyers. sell through their website. We encourage you to check out all that Artsper has to offer and why it is one of the most respected sites in the world to display and purchase exquisite art for your space.

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