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Chazlyn Yvonne is the whimsical fashion icon BIPOC deserves

Chazlyn Yvonne’s eye for fashion has been passed down from generation to generation. “My mother loves fashion and so does my grandmother. She always dressed me up and I also loved playing with dolls and sketching when I was growing up,” she says. “I used to watch shows like Project Runway and became interested in fashion. However, it wasn’t until my freshman year of high school that I realized how passionate I was about it and decided I wanted to apply to a fashion school, where I would soon find my love for content creation and social media.” Her style is as cheerful and carefree as her personality. “My personal style is whimsical and hyper-feminine! I love the aesthetics of the princess core, doll core, ballet core, and cottage core and I love combining them on my page. My favorite color is pink and it definitely dominates my feed.” She enjoys opening up a fantasy world while providing much-needed representation. “I like the whimsical aesthetic because for me it’s a way to break out of the norm and become the dream version of myself. The whimsical niche is dominated by non-POC, so it’s important to me that I show brown and black women in this style so I can be the inspiration and representation I’ve always wanted to be.”

Lockdown boredom caused her to stumble upon her brand new career path as a fashion blogger. “I started during the pandemic! I had nothing to do but online classes so I started posting creative shoots on IG. Before I knew it, brands started reaching out to me for gifts, and then I landed my first paid brand deal with Amazon Prime Student, where I could create fashion and lifestyle content. Since then I knew it was a newfound passion and I have never looked back.” This success led to her being invited to NYFW! “New York Fashion Week was a dream!” she gushes. “The highlight for me was definitely the Selkie show. I’ve been working with them for a little over a year now and was invited backstage to try on dresses and create exclusive behind-the-scenes content. I always loved hearing about NYFW as a kid, so this was beyond what I could have ever imagined. The diversity and body inclusivity was second to none! I also attended the Kate Spade New York presentation, Rebeccca Minkoff and a few others!” If you want to emulate Chazlyn’s style, start with the basics and pay attention to fanciful embellishments. “I’d say focus on a few colors you love and try to style them as much as possible! A big part of my aesthetic is my color palette. I also try to incorporate details such as lace, ruffles, embroidery and puff sleeves into my accessories and embellishments.” Chazlyn hopes expansion is in her future to make sure everyone has a role model. “I would love to continue to grow and build my platform and possibly expand into a partnership with a brand I join, or even create my own! I want to show diversity in this style of fashion and hope I can be an example for BIPOC pursuing big dreams.” Some heroes wear lace!

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Chazlyn Yvonne is the whimsical fashion icon BIPOC deserves. Photo credit: Courtesy of Chazlyn Yvonne.

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