Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

WEEK FROM 7 – 13 February 2022

Love is in the air – and it could be getting really close to home this week. It may not be predictable or even known, but if you can keep an open mind and heart, you might be pleasantly surprised by the events that unfold. On Tuesday, February 8, when the whimsical Uranus in Taurus and your Romantic Zone are in passionate exchange with molten Mars, things can move physically fast! Given the impulsive nature of these two planets, this may end up being more in the “pre-spring fling” category than the “happily ever after”, but if you’re feeling the pull, why NOT pursue (in your own tempo, from Course)?

attached? This biennial triangle encourages you to get adventurous activities on the books, like ski tours (or lessons) or maybe some dance lessons. See if emotions get a little fleeting or even explosive under this sky – it could be the other person or YOU, Cap. But also make sure you don’t read things in a situation that isn’t there. Before you hit the panic button due to Bae’s inattention, find out if they’re dealing with something heavy at work or in their family. In addition to love and creativity, the fifth house rules drama, and you don’t want to aspire to that! It also regulates fertility, so if you’ve been thinking about starting or expanding a family, this week would be the ideal time to try it.

Good luck keeping those secrets, desires and confessions in the Capricorn vault. On Friday, the cosmic communicator, Mercury, mingles with transformational Pluto in your first home of self. If your intensely personal sign needs to get things out of your heart, this third and final encounter of these planets can draw those repressed desires out of you. Normally Mercury and Pluto conjunct only one day a year, but thanks to Mercury’s recent retrograde (January 14 to February 3), they will have three encounters (the others occurred on December 30 and January 28), and after six weeks of about something stew, it can finally be ready to serve. But think carefully about HOW you are going to express this. It may be “old news” to you, but you don’t want to shock or put someone in an awkward position where you’re not prepared to respond on the spot.

Insecure? Entrust a close friend or your journal to lessen the sense of urgency. While these realizations may require a heart-to-heart, getting clarity about what you “need” to communicate and what outcome you would like to manifest is something a non-judgmental friend can help with. This fusion enhances your persuasiveness and seductive charms, so use those powers carefully.

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