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Cancer Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF April 25 – May 1, 2022

Give your social butterfly wings a good flap early this week, because the break is coming. On Friday, April 29, mental Mercury leaves your extroverted eleventh house and enters Gemini and your twelfth house of healing, deliverance and divine downloads. Between now and May 22 you will feel the unstoppable return of the muse in your artistic life and you will probably do your best work in solitude. However, some of this creativity will be cathartic, especially if Mercury turns retrograde from May 10 to June 3 (in Gemini, then Taurus after May 22). To fully heal and move on, you may need to rethink some troubling situations to finally cut the cords and leave them where they belong: in your past. As compassionate Cancerians know, many artists find inspiration in their own painful backstory, turning suffering into works of beauty.

The retrograde season kicks off as early as Friday, as the alchemical Pluto dives into its annual five-month backspin through Capricorn and your seventh house of relationships. The outer planet moves slowly but is DEEP, often evoking intense emotions (such as jealousy, competitiveness, and obsession) that you may prefer to keep hidden. But as it retrogrades to October 8, Pluto can offer a fresh take on matters of the heart, while giving you a much-needed break from all of its usual intensity and feverish emotion. You may find it easier to talk about your emotions and sensitive topics without breaking down into tears. If you’re looking for a lasting bond of love, this transit can help you explore how you interact with people. You may think you are open and interested, but others may feel a protective harness. Small gestures, such as smiling more easily and making direct eye contact, show interest. Over the next five months, you may find it easier to be vulnerable and communicate meaningfully, both with new people and with those who THINK they know you well.

Totally hiding won’t be possible on Saturday, when the only new moon of the year in Taurus arrives like a galvanizing solar eclipse in your eleventh house of communion. Finding a crowd where you really feel comfortable has never been an easy quest for you, Cancer. Yet there ARE places where you feel right at home and this eclipse could put you in direct contact with groups you actually want to (gasp!) belong to!

Solar eclipses herald a new beginning; they can also be as powerful as a hurricane when it comes to blowing you out of your comfort zone. Stop ignoring invitations or being vaguely noncommittal. Socializing will remind you how much support you actually have. As you mingle, you can tap into a new extracurricular obsession. Discover more ongoing activities such as a dance group, book club, weekly craft evenings or spiritual circle. Or form a more official collective with people who are already on your deepest team.

The Eleventh House controls technology, and a solar eclipse in this part of your map could bring interesting activity online. You could make a fateful connection via DM, perhaps with someone you’ve been following for a while or met once or twice before. Password protect all your important data and back it up to the cloud to avoid any solar eclipses. Do you have a digital venture in the making? This tech-savvy eclipse could set the project in motion. Is it time to hone those tech skills? Sign up for a software or social media training course this week and you could see the profits pouring in before the year is over.

As a nice bonus, the lucky stars Venus and Jupiter make their annual conjunction during the solar eclipse, meeting in Pisces and your ninth house of openness and expansion. Putting yourself out there — out of love or to promote something you’re passionate about (and proud of!) — can pay off. Cast a wider net because your audience may live in a distant zip code. Ask for more than what you think you will get when you negotiate. Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Maybe you’ll find out this weekend!

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