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Bottega Veneta embraces understated elegance for spring 2023

The visual language of Bottega Veneta focuses mainly on the unsaid. Minimalism is the backbone of the brand, a spirit further enhanced by the Spring 2023 show designed by Matthieu Blazy.

A consistent feature throughout the collection is the emphasis on construction, whether artisanal or industrial. Since “Bottega Veneta” in Italian means Venetian shop, the focus on Italian craftsmanship in this season’s collection is certainly appropriate. Many of the looks feature tweed, beading and inventive fringe, as well as patterns resembling the texture of a punch needle carpet, evoking a unique handmade quality. Even the house special leather Intrecciato bag uses the traditional basket weaving technique.

Construction is also interpreted in a more industrial way, as evidenced by the precise tailoring of sculptural trench coats, wrinkle-free button-downs and boxy powersuits.

Yet there is also a certain laid-back nonchalance pervading the collection, as evidenced by an extensive range of wide-leg jeans, washcloths and sweaters that wrap easily around the shoulders. The beloved Intrecciato leather bag also takes on new forms as a portable clutch, a slouchy oversized bag and an over-the-shoulder sling, underlining that sense of casualness. The absence of a single Bottega logo throughout the collection is a nod to that less-is-more approach. Overall, simplicity and honesty are welcome proposals amid an otherwise chaotic Milan fashion week.

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Another contributing factor to the overall feeling of chill on this season’s Bottega runway was an understated cameo from Kate Moss; rather than make a big deal out of a 90s supermodel stunt casting (as so many other runway shows are known to do), Bottega chose not to open or close the show with the runway legend. Instead, Moss appeared sixth in the lineup, dressed in baggy jeans and an unbuttoned flannel – the ultimate laid-back look.


Perhaps the most maximalist element of the show was the colorful set and runway, which were created by renowned Italian architect and design pioneer Gaetano Pesce, whose four-decade-long career spans architecture, urban planning, interior design, exhibitions and industrial design. The multicolored floors and colorful chairs displayed a glazed pottery-like finish and acted as an exciting backdrop against a relatively understated collection.

Check out every look from Bottega Veneta’s Spring 2023 collection in the gallery below.

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