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Best bras to shop | Who wear what?

Welcome to Weekday Wardrobe, a series in which an editor or contributor to Who What Wear takes a picture of the outfits they wear Monday through Friday. We explain where to buy it all to inspire your own everyday style, whatever’s on your weekly agenda.

I have dozens of stylish colleagues, but our senior fashion editor, Kristen Nichols, has a particular style that I particularly admire. She is classic, lofty and always looks super polished. I’m building out my capsule wardrobe for the year and I realized that since she’s only one Slack post away, I might as well ask her for advice. Her secret for a well-groomed look? A well-fitting bra. Kristen said, “I’m a big believer in bra fitting. Once I found the right size, it made the biggest difference — both in how my outfits look and how comfortable I felt.”

Now, here’s the thing: If there’s one struggle I’ve had consistently over the years, it’s finding bras that fit right. (Why is it so hard?) But Kristen told me another secret of hers: Wacoal’s latest app, mybraFit™. The app creates a completely secure scanned image of your body to determine your bra size and asks a few simple questions to find out which styles are best for you. Within minutes, you’ll receive an email with your custom size and bra recommendations, and you’ll be able to click and buy products seamlessly. It’s literally that easy. Kristen was kind enough to give me an insight into a few new looks she’s been wearing more and more lately and the bras she credits for the polished end result. Want to see what she’s wearing this week? Keep scrolling.

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