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Attracting positive attention at work

It’s not hard to see why so many people feel unnoticed and undervalued at work. After all, living in a “work or die” society that views chronic overtime as something commendable can instill feelings of despair in even the most assembled members of the workforce. Given how much effort many of us put into our work, it’s only natural that we want to be noticed and rewarded accordingly. So if attracting positive attention at work has proven to be an uphill climb for you, put the following tips to good use.

Show up on time consistently

Unsurprisingly, usually being late is unlikely to do you any favors with your bosses or co-workers. Even if you are good at meeting deadlines and are generally a conscientious worker, it will regularly show up late as a major strike against you.

For starters, colleagues who regularly show up on time can get annoyed if you’re not held to the same standard. Even if it’s not meant to be offensive, chronic delay gives the impression that you’re playing by a completely different set of rules. In addition, if your lateness affects the progress of group projects and other important assignments, you can expect the wrath of your colleagues.

Your bosses are likely to become even more frustrated with being repeatedly late than your co-workers. After all, if an employee consistently breaks his rules, he is setting a bad example and tacitly encouraging other team members to do the same. In addition, many companies only allow employees to be late by a predetermined number before strict disciplinary action is taken. Depending on how many latecomers you’ve incurred, you may even find that your very existence is at stake.

Contribute to group efforts

If you and your colleagues regularly undertake collaborative projects, it is in your best interest to make an active contribution. When tackling group projects at school, many of us would hate the people who were left behind and doing virtually no work — and the same general principle applies to workplace situations. So if you’re contributing very little to group efforts, chances are your coworkers have noticed — and not in a positive way.

With this in mind, make it a point to agree whenever possible and do your share of the work for the duration of each group project. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should take on a leadership role, but you should be an active participant who makes a meaningful contribution to any group project you and your colleagues need to complete.

Celebrate the achievements of your colleagues

Few things are more stressful than working in a place where everyone is constantly trying to get ahead at the expense of their peers. Suffice it to say that an atmosphere of constant one-sidedness is hardly conducive to a healthy work environment. To help you stand out from colleagues who are interested in your own best interests, make it a point to celebrate not only your own successes, but those of your colleagues as well.

When a coworker receives a well-deserved promotion or achieves an important professional milestone, throw a small party in their honor. Depending on the occasion, you might even consider giving them a gift. If you don’t know what to buy, remember that you can’t go wrong with a good LAMY fountain pen.

Make your colleagues feel valued

In addition to celebrating your colleagues’ successes, you should consistently strive to make them feel valued. This involves regularly thanking people for their contributions to projects, letting them know how much you appreciate their efforts, and not being afraid to give credit to others. Such positive behavior can help create a work environment of warmth and mutual support and make your colleagues feel recognized and respected.

It’s easy to see why so many of us demand positive attention from our bosses and colleagues. In addition to making us feel valued, praise from the aforementioned parties can help us become a fixture in our respective branches – which can be a boon to anyone who values ​​job security. Fortunately, getting noticed at work isn’t as hard as you might think. So, if you’re looking for positive attention from the people you work with — and work for — follow the tips discussed above.

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