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Artist Who Created Fashion Designs For Schiaparelli

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Who designed the gloves inspired by Schiaparelli’s collection?

A few years later a Surrealist artist appeared who created very similar designs for gloves inspired by Schiaparelli’s collection: Her name was Meret Oppenheim. In Oppenheim’s artworks, whether we are talking about gloves or not, we can see that the artist is consciously blurring the line between body and clothing.

Who wore Schiaparelli’s designs?

Thanks to Dalì’s participation in her designs, many famous actresses and important female figures of the time wore Schiaparelli’s dresses like Wallis Simpsonthe Duchess of Windsor wearing the Lobster Dresson her honeymoon. Gala Dalì wearing a Shoe Hatdesigned by Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dalì, 1937. Maison Schiaparelli.

When did Maria Schiaparelli start her fashion career?

Fashion Career In 1922 Schiaparelli left New York and moved back to Paris where she assisted Man Ray with his Dada magazine Société Anonymeand met the famous couturier and one of the fathers of modern fashion Paul Poiret who influenced her future design and fashion career.

What did Schiaparelli and Cocteau design?

Jean Cocteau In 1937 in collaboration with French avant-garde poet Jean Cocteau, Schiaparelli designed clothing masterpieces such as an evening coat featuring two trompe l’oeilfaces and roses, a trademark of her style. Collaborations with famous artists such as Dali and Cocteau generated some of Schiaparelli’s most renowned pieces.



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