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Aries weekly horoscope

WEEK OF 14 – 20 Nov 2022

Take a chance on romance: That’s the message you’ll get from flirtatious Venus when she lands in fellow fire sign Sagittarius and your liberated ninth house on Wednesday, November 16. Leave the paperwork and non-mandatory tasks for another day (or three) and follow the love planet as she digs her heels in this adventurous sector. Just before the holidays, this is your heavenly season to dress up, go out and do… whatever takes your fancy! Thanks to this spontaneous Venus-in-Sag energy, you can start a party simply by showing up. And you’ll love chatting with strangers starting Thursday, when communications planet Mercury moves next to Venus. This part of your chart helps you open your mind to a wider range of amorous possibilities, provided everyone is non-attached, of course.

Single Aries can be attracted to much more eclectic types than usual. Hear sexy accents and start circulating in fancier venues, perhaps a few chic boutique hotel bars. The faster you start thinking beyond your usual “list of criteria,” the faster you’ll find yourself rubbing shoulders (and maybe other body parts) with intriguing people who are VERY different from your exes. If you’re attached during this extended cycle, you may realize you need a little more breathing room. You don’t have to do anything dramatic (i.e. break up with bae), but you may need to renegotiate the amount of time you spend together. Mercury moves into your career angle on December 6 and Venus is only three days behind, so make the most of this stimulating time while you still can!

In the midst of all this exploring and expanding, you may find yourself forced to hit the brakes or step on them. On Saturday, confusing Neptune – in your dreamy twelfth house no less – confuses it with action planet Mars in Gemini and your communication center. Both planets are orbiting in opposite directions, distorting signals all the more, and this is their second of three such collisions. (The first was on October 12 and the final is coming on March 14, 2023.) To say direct and honest dialogue will be a challenge is the understatement of the month! Part of the reason may be that you yourself are not 100 percent clear about what you want, or how you want to express it. Plus, Neptune turns you into a flip-flopping machine. Relationships that felt solid can suddenly seem like they’re built on quicksand. Even if conversations go sideways, you don’t have to retreat to your cave. Just do your best to be straightforward, and if someone tries to provoke you, don’t even nibble on the bait, no matter how tempting!

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As Sunday rolls around, the radiant sun swings into a steamy trine (a favorable 120-degree angle) with bold Jupiter in two of your most sensual and attuned homes. This can restore your mojo in seconds, and depending on what (or, ahem, who) you want to do, no action may be required. A seductive half-smile will suffice – or just beam your high-vibe frequency in the right direction to stir up intrigue and make the object of your desire come to you. This is not the time to play games or feign disinterest, but discretion is rewarded. Take your time with someone brand spanking new and let the tension build. And with your old darling, get creative and come up with a whole new approach to seduction that will leave you both almost gasping with desire.

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