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An interview with jewelry brand Kasha Bali

Thank you so much for joining Cliché Mag today! How did you start making beautiful and unique jewelry?

I have always been very creative, from childhood I played with beads and fabric designs. Making jewelry was for myself, I never had any intention of starting a jewelry brand, I always thought I would have a clothing line.

When I moved to Bali, God guided me in this by directing me to the right people. I went through a very special spiritual path. I thought it would be great to pour the experiences I went through into jewelry. To become the woman I am today, I had to fight and go against things that were written for me as a woman born in a Muslim country.

To me my jewelry represents a harness filled with my story and energy for empowerment, it’s all the fight I had to lead, the tears, the hardships but also all the moments of joy and self rewards, finding myself and believing in my dreams.

Tell us about the brand and what inspires the intricate details and structure?

Kasha jewelry tells the story of women who have to fight in their daily lives to find and keep balance. Story of awakening and enlightenment. A story where synchronicities and ethereal signs lead the way. Kasha jewelry contains a frequency, the frequency of love and universality. Our jewelry channels love. That one piece will bring you strength and beauty and ground you in your sacred femininity. While the four elements (water, air, fire, earth) make up the physical world, a 5th element called Spirit exists within the four. The spiritual element is immaterial and yet present in all things; the fifth element is Akash. So Kasha is rooted in the universal laws and secrets that contain a frequency of art.

Kasha wants to empower women and highlight cultural identities; tell us about your new collection, Khamsa!

Khamsa is a tribute to my Berber Moroccan roots; it is also rooted in sacred geometry. As I studied the meaning of each symbol, I noticed that we find those symbols in many different cultures, and it always means the same thing. I am very attracted to the history of tribes; I love taking those symbols and giving them life through my eyes and art.

Define fashion.

For me, fashion is the free will of creation. Fashion doesn’t have to follow a trend; it’s bold and reflects a state of mind.

How do you push trend boundaries and remain unique in the fashion industry?

Frankly, I ignore trends, the way I design my jewelry is a kind of meditation where I connect with collective knowledge and history. So many different things inspire me, and I’m curious, I like to learn about other cultures. I travel a lot so if you combine these. I believe that timeless fashion and statement pieces will always remain a trend.

How does Kasha stay environmentally conscious?

We are careful where we get our stones and brass. For example, we never use chemicals or artificial products. Our brand reduces CO2 emissions by really optimizing our distribution circuits.

How do you want your customers to feel when wearing your jewelry?

Powerful, strong, unique, feminine fearless, aware.

What is your favorite piece from the new collection, Khamsa?

It’s so hard to choose because each piece has a meaning. Frankly, it’s a tough one. So today I will say that the Yela earrings symbolize and hold the energy of a portal to other dimensions.

How does the process work when you create a new piece?

I sometimes have dreams, I always sleep with a notebook and it happens very often that I wake up in the middle of the night to draw. I also meditate, and it comes very naturally.

Give us three style tips!

If you’re going for statement jewelry choose between neck and earrings, I don’t think you can do both. Always carry a pair of kasha earrings with you. It can help you to make your outfit a little more elaborate. You can go from day to night with just one extra piece of jewelry. Be bold, don’t think you can’t put up statement jewelry; try with an effortless black dress.

Where can we find you on the internet?

Website: Kasha Bali
Instagram: @Kasha_Bali
Pinterest: BaliKasha
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