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Allysyn laments ‘ship’ with Hermes

Allysyn and Hermes seem to have fallen for each other, but this feeling doesn’t seem to sit well with Allysyn who expressed disgust for her ship with Hermes while chatting with Daniella.

Earlier, Allysyn and Hermes were spotted cuddling and standing in each other’s faces during the Pool Party. However, a conversation with Daniella right after the party made us wonder if the person she was just kissing at the pool party was a “ghost”?

During that conversation, Allysyn said she didn’t know how the ship started because she just wanted to vibe. Allysyn went on to use words that shocked viewers!

She said she regretted her ship with Hermes and couldn’t wait to be “disgusted” about her feelings for him. Why did she think falling for a guy with two girlfriends was a good idea?

She wondered and so did we. In all of this, Daniella advised her to leave things alone and basically enjoy the ride.

Allysyn’s first ship in the house was with Adekunle before Allysyn decided it wasn’t what she wanted.

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Allysyn also spoke about the Adekunle saga with Daniella, saying she gravitated to him for safety, but with Hermes, it was raw passion.

So the question stands. Is Allysyn about to serve Hermes breakfast?

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