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70% of people admit they make this simple skincare mistake

When it comes to keeping our beauty products in top condition, there’s a lot to learn. From beauty product expiration dates to skin care refrigerators, how you care for your products is just as important as how you apply them to your skin. However, research by online skincare retailer Face the Future has found that the majority of skincare enthusiasts actually store their products in the wrong place, leading to shelf-life issues and ineffective formulas.

The research found that when it comes to storing your skincare products, the bathroom is the most popular place to store products. After surveying more than 2,000 people about their skincare habits, Face the Future found that 61% of people said they have at least some of their favorite skincare products in the bathroom.

Why not keep your skincare in the bathroom?

Skin care products are sensitive to temperature changes, making a hot and humid bathroom a less than ideal place to store your serums and moisturizers.

“When you shower, your bathroom gets significantly hotter and this can be disastrous for your skincare products. The rapid heating and cooling that occurs can fundamentally change the texture of a product and make it more watery, ultimately decreasing its effectiveness,” explains Hulme from.

“To make sure you get the most out of your skincare, make sure you store it outside the bathroom and move the products before each use. While it may seem like a lot more effort, keeping your skincare in a more stable environment can help prevent your products from showing signs of decay long before they are due to expire.”

In skin care, the stability of a product depends on its packaging,” says Paula Begoun, founder of Paula’s Choice. Jars are the worst because they contain bacteria and let in air and light, causing ingredients to spoil. And while pumps are the most protective, if the product is left for weeks between uses, the hardened gunk on the nozzle can harbor bacteria, so avoid flashing between products. Vitamin C and retinols are products that are broken down by light and heat, so it’s best to store them in a cool cupboard.

Even products such as scrubs and cleansers, which are specifically designed for use in the bathroom, are prone to problems if not stored correctly. Using a pump formula or body wash? Then hide it from the shower head and faucets. There is a chance that moisture droplets will condense and work their way into the pump and dilute the formula. Jars of body scrub can also fall victim if the lids are kept off for too long, with salt and sugar based products being particularly vulnerable to degradation even when in tubes.

“With skincare that has been stored in the shower or next to the sink, it’s important to watch for any changes in consistency and appearance that could indicate that a product is no longer safe to use. If a product looks or smells different than when it was first opened, this is a clear sign that you need to remove the product. If you choose to keep products in the bathroom, make sure they are always completely sealed to prevent the build-up of bacteria,” says Hulme.

What’s the best way to store your skincare?

To keep your skincare effective for as long as possible, Face the Future recommends storing skincare in a drawer or closet away from natural light.

The ideal temperature to store your skincare is between 15-25°C, so be aware of any heat sources nearby and Hulme recommends that you don’t be tempted to keep your skincare in the fridge.

“While we have seen a real rise in recent years in people choosing to store their skincare in the refrigerator, we would never advise this. As with a hot bathroom, the low temperature in a refrigerator is well outside the recommended range. for skin care and will most likely result in products splitting or the active ingredients becoming docile.”

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