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7 of the craziest celebrity engagement rings ever

Today we want to share 7 of the most outrageous celebrity engagement rings ever. When it comes to buying an engagement ring, most people stick to relatively modest pieces. According to a study by The Knot, the average number of carats in a diamond engagement ring is 1.5. Individuals are more likely to buy stones that weigh between 1 and 2 carats than anything else.

However, some celebrities prefer to do things a little bigger, and in some cases quite outrageous. This article lists just seven celebrity engagement rings that were, well, bigger than the average. Still, it could have lasted much longer. It seems that when buying an engagement ring for a celebrity, it is either big or even bigger.

How much would an insane engagement ring cost?

Take an eight carat diamond as an example. This is a gemstone with a high carat content and a good weight as a starting point. However, calculating a simple 8-carat diamond price is not easy as the range is extremely wide.

A jeweler estimates the price of an 8-carat diamond between $76,000 and up to nearly ten times higher at $730,000. There is a huge variation in how much one of these diamonds could cost, and it all comes down to quality.

Why does the price have such a wide range?

As you probably know, the value of a diamond is not only determined by its size. It also comes down to how flawless it is, and how light in color it is. Larger diamonds reveal their color much more than smaller ones.

Often the cut chosen for large diamonds leaves large surfaces (such as the emerald cut), meaning there is a greater need to choose a gemstone that is higher on the clarity scale and also higher in the color gradation. This then increases the value and cost of the diamond. So while it is possible to buy an 8-carat diamond for under $80,000, buy one with inclusions and a yellow color.

Now that you have an idea of ​​what it might cost for a mostly flawless, colorless diamond, how about looking at some of the diamonds worn by celebrities? Here are seven of the most outrageous, large, and expensive engagement rings.

Anna Kournikova

It’s helpful to know the right jewelry for any business occasion, and it’s probably good that Anna Kournikova retired before receiving her first engagement ring. In 2004, it was rumored that Enrique Iglesias had proposed to Kournikova. Then ‘that’ ring appeared. Of all the engagement rings on this list, this is one of the most outrageous visually.

Kournikova was given a pink pear-cut diamond ring surrounded by a trillion cut diamonds. The estimated cost was $2.5 million, and the pink diamond itself is about 11 carats. While this isn’t the heaviest gem on the list, the way the stone is cut and set makes it look insanely large on Anna’s hand.

Jennifer Anniston

This isn’t the only celebrity on the list with more than one engagement ring. Jennifer Aniston got her first from Brad Pitt and the second much bigger one from Justin Theroux.

The first ring was quite modest by celebrity standards, costing about $500,000. The second, however, was “a rock” in Aniston’s words. Theroux spent about $1 million on a huge emerald-cut diamond ring that the actress had to get used to. Unfortunately, both marriages ended in divorce.

Kim Kardashian

Another celeb with more than one engagement ring. Though the first ring was stolen in Paris as part of a $10 million jewelry theft in 2020. That piece was a whopping 15-carat emerald-cut diamonds. The second engagement ring, however, blew it out of the water. Kardashian’s next engagement ring from Kanye West was a 20-carat emerald-cut diamond ring valued at $8 million.

You may have noticed that there are a few emerald cut diamonds on this list. One of the latest jewelry trends to jump on is elongated diamond cuts. Oval, emerald green and to a lesser extent marquise cuts are becoming increasingly popular.

Jennifer Lopez

This singer and actress could single-handedly order an entire article on her engagement rings. JLo has managed to get hold of six engagement rings over the years, with some pretty stunning examples. Engagements to Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony and Alex Rodriguez have resulted in JLo wearing some very impressive pieces of jewelry over the years. It was the last betrothed to buy perhaps the biggest stone. It is estimated that the emerald cut diamond is as heavy as 20 carats and costs about $5 million.


engagement rings for celebrities

Photo by Colin Maynard on Unsplash

Another ring with emerald-cut diamonds and another $5 million price tag. But Beyonce’s ring trumps JLo’s in one aspect; his weight. Bey’s stone reportedly weighs a whopping 24 carats and is now definitely worth more than its original asking price.

Grace Kelly

This Oscar-winning actress is said to have had the most influential engagement ring ever. While it wasn’t outrageous, no engagement ring list can be made without mentioning Grace Kelly and her fairytale romance.

Prince Rainier III of Monaco gave Kelly a ring that was over 10 carats and cost more than $4 million. Now, however, that ring is estimated to be closer to $40 million. And the cut? Emerald of course.

Elizabeth Taylor

According to Statista, the national average expenditure on an engagement ring is $5,500 in the US. That wouldn’t have cut the ice on this jewelry-loving actress.

Elizabeth Taylor had as many as ten engagement rings in her lifetime, with some beautiful pieces. But one sticks out a mile. Mike Todd gave Taylor a ring that puts everyone else to shame in terms of sheer weight. That ring was only 30 carats shy and had a huge elongated diamond. It is said that after Todd’s death, Taylor unfortunately had to sell the ring to settle Todd’s estate.


While not all celebrities love massive jewelry — it’s been said that Jennifer Aniston would have preferred something more subtle — many clearly love to show off their bling bling.

It is very noticeable that most of these engagement rings are emerald cut, and if you are buying a diamond soon, it may be worth keeping this in mind. This shape seems very fashionable at the moment.

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