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7 Embroidery Fashion Trends for 2022

Today we want to share 7 embroidery fashion trends for 2022. Whether you’re a fashion lover or just want to know the latest fashion trends, there are many resources you can consult for the most up-to-date trends in the fashion industry. Lately, as more people spend more time indoors, there has been a dramatic shift in everyday wear styles and preferences. While some still love glam, the rising trend to wear relaxed and comfortable clothes is underway.

Bespoke clothing is also widely embraced by celebrities, fashion experts and online influencers. And nothing screams personalization better than wearing embroidered items. As such, this article provides some insight into which fashion trends have been incorporated into embroidery.

Though dating back to the past, embroidery has regained popularity and is proving to be a mainstay in fashion settings. If you want to add some trendy stuff to your closet, check out some of the following 2022 embroidery trends:

Embroidered Headwear

Many people like to wear headgear for various reasons. Besides being a great way to take an outfit to the next level, it protects your head or forehead from the weather and outside elements. If a hat has a unique design, it can be one of the most eye-catching accessories.

To start with, why not give the plain hats and caps a break and go for embroidered bucket hats? You may have seen this streetwear hat as many famous artists wear them for their everyday looks. In addition, the design of a hat can be further enhanced when styled with custom embroidery. If you have a specific design in mind, you can have custom shops like Shop Strange Embroidery embroider to ensure perfect quality and placement.

When designing headwear for yourself or others, don’t be afraid to explore and be creative. You can even sell these embroidered items online as they are attractive both on screen and in real life. Moreover, it can be an excellent addition to your clothing store if you want to sell new and fresh hat clothing for your online brand.

Embroidered Jewelry

Jewelry items never fail to make you look more beautiful and chic. This year you can even renew your jewelry collection and give it a twist by having them embroidered. Embellished jewelry can make your art a durable and wearable item, similar to embroidered clothing.

Jewelry with embroidered designs can be seen everywhere these days. You can do the embroidery yourself or buy it ready-made. Fortunately, there are many videos and vlogs online to help you with this craft project if you want to try it. You can make them even if you are not an experienced stitcher. You could even evolve and elevate later into more complicated designs.

When creating an embroidery design for your necklace or earrings, it is essential to choose the correct thread color and material, as well as determining a theme. More so, creativity is key, so being artistic and inspired can go a long way. Once you’ve established what design and color you want to use, you can trace it into your fabric and start sewing or embroidering.

Embroidery designs can range from geometric styles to floral patterns. Some designs can be created spontaneously, as long as you have them in mind. Embroidery uses a lot of your creative juices, so don’t be afraid to play with colors and experiment with everything else.

Embroidered shirts

Close-up photo workspace of embroidery machine
show embroidery tree design theme. And two threads cyan and pnk color.

It can bring people joy and happiness to see embroidery in its bright, vivid and colorful glory. From tiny handkerchiefs to oversized bedspreads, this ancient art can transform anything. You can see this craftsmanship on various tops and t-shirts. A unique design on your fabric can give you an incredible feeling of freedom. And since many millennials and gen Zs love custom products, embroidered shirts are selling like hot cakes.

By standing out from the crowd, embroidery can make you unique. Anyone with a special design can start a trend and become famous. Apart from young individuals, even companies and corporations use embroidered shirts as their adequate marketing materials and products as they can be effective in conveying their brand, message and logo.

With embroideries, a shirt can last longer than a regular shirt. It is possible to withstand pressure and damage with embroidery floss and prevent the fabric from fading so quickly. With embroidery artworks you can make your favorite garments last longer. In addition, wearing embroidered shirts is considered more durable than other types.

Your clothes can be completely customized with embroideries such as patterns, quotes or other intricate designs. And as such, these can be customized to suit your needs and preferences. If you want to wear something different from your usual outfit, this can be a great way to go.

Embroidered Shoes

Embroidery is one of the hottest trends this season and it is now spreading even in the footwear industry. You can see influencers and celebrities wearing embroidered shoes, and you may wonder where they got them from. Fortunately, many shoe brands and online stores sell embroidered shoes. You can also customize your design and have it embroidered on your plain or unicolour sneakers.

With countless patterns to choose from, embroidery can bring a vibrant touch to your look, similar to a print or image. Even if your outfit looks too boring and simple, you can wear a pair of shoes with a distinctive design to stand out from the crowd. Plus, embroidery can bring your outfits to life by adding extra color and character to even the most understated garments.

An embroidered slide or sneakers work well with a relaxed silhouette for a stylish daytime look. In addition, wearing tailored outfits with embroidered heels or ballerinas in the evenings can help achieve a balanced look.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of embroidered shoes. The colorful arrangement of colors can take any plain outfit and style to the next level, no matter the occasion.

embroidered bags

If you think that needlework is a traditional craft that can only be found on bed linen and pillowcases, you are wrong. In 2022 you will also see embroidery in handbags. It is an art that is very trendy to refurbish old things to give them a new look. There are many handbags for every occasion and you can do embroidery on them. While this is old fashioned, they have modern designs that would look great on your bag.

The best thing about embroidery is that they look great on any fabric and surface. This allows your bags to project these designs effortlessly. Don’t throw away your totes or torn canvas bags just yet, because you might find a way to fix them up. You can embroider contemporary handbag patterns and crafts to give them a new lease of life.

Embroidered Handbags

Apart from handbags, many women use clutches for various reasons. They can be the perfect accessory to take with you when you go on a date with your lover or friends. Because of their portable and small size, many women like to hold them as a way to transcend their style.

Adding a clutch to your wardrobe can be a great way to change the look of your outfit. At this time, embroidered clutches would be the most popular. You can do this yourself or have a shop embroider your plain looking clutch with a custom design.

You can easily make great combinations with these beautiful products, and they make a free and dynamic style. Clutches are easy to use and perfect for any season. Whatever outfit you wear, they can be used as the best accessory to complete your overall look. Clutches are very diverse in styles, so you can add stones, sequins, beads and other materials to the embroidered threads.

Embroidered Face Masks

In this pandemic season, face masks seem to be a part of our daily lives, especially when we go out. And for this reason, we can include embroidered face masks on this list. Today, everyone wears a face mask on a daily basis, but beyond the primary purpose of protecting you from the virus, face masks can also be an expression of one’s style and individuality. It is already an indispensable accessory with which you can make your outfit look even more beautiful.

Embroidered pattern face masks are woven cloth masks with stitched-on embroidery. Hand stitching or embroidery machines can be used to incorporate these designs. There may also be an option to sew in a small pouch so that you can put disposable filters on it.

The modern consumer prefers functional accessories when selecting everyday fashion items. It makes sense to choose a product that fits your daily needs and lifestyle. That said, an embroidered face mask can be an excellent accent to your outfit, and stylish designs can brighten up your wardrobe.


Embroidery can be a fantastic design element that can add a pop of color to anything it touches. So if you’re looking for an effective way to enhance your style, this might be for you.

Consider embracing this ongoing trend and incorporating it into your everyday fashions, such as shirts, bags, clutches, jewelry, and shoes. They may be a little complicated to sew by hand, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be excited to come up with unique designs. And on the other hand, if you’re not the artsy or crafty type, there may also be the option of having a shop embroider custom designs for your items.

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