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6 Spring Trends Brooklynites Are Wearing This Spring

When it comes to style, geographic regions matter. Parisians know how to keep it classic and chic, the Scandi crowd is fearless when it comes to color, and LA girls are the leaders of laidback. But in regards to New Yorkers – well, that’s a bit more complicated. So many style tribes exist in the small swaths of land nestled where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Hudson River that it’s sometimes easier to think of each one according to the boroughs. And maybe it’s because I’ve lived there for so long, but I tend to think of Brooklynites as the masters of cool.

Not afraid to experiment with a multitude of colors, trends and subcultures, the Brooklyn set as a whole tends to embrace the more relaxed and less serious side of fashion. For that reason, they are usually the first to adopt the more eccentric and erratic trends. To gauge what’s worth wearing this spring, I went to some of the most stylish Brooklynites I know to see what’s popping up this season. Below are the 6 valuable pieces to wear (if you want to look like the coolest person out there).

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