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6 of the best fashion trends for women over 60

My mother, Nancy, recently turned 62. (HBD, mother). As someone who loves fashion and prefers uncomplicated trends to work within the classic wardrobe, she has spent decades assembling and honing her style over time. And she told me she wants to use this big moment in her life to step out of her sartorial comfort zone a little bit. Now she doesn’t want to completely change her timeless vibe (it’s her personal style after all), but she’s kinda curious about how some of the latest trends can advance, as she put it, “her style game” right now.

So during one of our many frequent phone calls (I legitimately speak to her three times a day), we set aside much of our convo to discuss trends. In fact, I rattled off some of the key looks fashion girls wear these days, and she stopped me when something piqued her interest as a recognizable yet stylish look that could work in her everyday life in Wisconsin.

In the end, she narrowed it down to six key trends that she’s eager to try. Of course, all the pieces in question can work for anyone at any age (because the year you were born has nothing to do with what you should wear), but for Nancy, these are the items she wants to test to “look” . as chic as ever at 60”

So with all that in mind, keep scrolling for a bit of visual and shopping inspiration — along with Nancy’s notes on each trend.

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