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5 ways to impress your SO on your next night in

A memorable date doesn’t have to be as extravagant as a fancy candlelit dinner at the hippest neighborhood bistro. There are plenty of ways to show your partner that you care, all in the comfort of your own home. And no, we don’t encourage another round of streaming roulette before we call it a night. We’re talking about really fun and innovative ways to spend time together – right in your backyard, living room or kitchen.

Enter a friendly cocktail contest

A little healthy competition is always a good time, as is a nice drink. Why not marry the two and challenge each other to a mixology contest? Pick a single spirit, such as Johnnie Walker High Rye, then assemble two identical baskets of ingredients. Put on a few tunes and start mixing, each of you creating a unique cocktail for the other. Swap drinks, toast, sip and rate each other’s drinks on a scale of 1 to 5 on presentation, creativity, and taste. Whoever wins is exempt from the clean-up obligation.

Play or learn in Cyberspace

Board games can wait. There is a rise of online experiences that will leave you feeling transported far beyond your four walls. Take a look at a virtual event platform where you’ll find all kinds of games – murder mysteries, trivia, bingo, escape rooms – and classes like whiskey tasting and chocolate making. Pick an activity and spend some quality time making memories with your boo. For even more fun, make it a double (or triple) date and invite some friends to join you.

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Organize a spa evening

For something a little more understated, turn your bedroom into the ultimate spa experience. Do whatever it takes to set the mood – put on your coziest robes, cut overheads, light lots of candles, and turn on some new age music. Break out your essential oils and give each other balmy massages, take a bath, set up a home pedicure station, or kick back on the couch with homemade face masks on your skin and cucumbers over your eyes. Use this time to relax together at the end of a long week and reconnect with your partner.

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Organize a Staycation

Don’t bother flying to the tropics on the weekend – bring the island to you! Pick a destination and then go all out. “Travel” to Hawaii and dress like you’re headed to a luau, even if you’re just rolling into the living room. Make cocktails made with Johnnie Walker High Rye and tropical favorites like pineapple and coconut, put on some yacht rock and relax in beach chairs set up directly on your carpet. Pretend you’re a tourist and embrace that steamy seaside feeling.

Go camping…

…in your backyard, that is! On a clear, balmy night, there’s nothing better than spending the evening under the stars with your partner, complete with a romantic campfire to cozy up to. Set up a tent with plenty of fluffy pillows and blankets, then mix up a pitcher of your favorite cocktail made with Johnnie Walker High Rye. Set up a s’mores bar, light your bonfire and sit back and relax. For bonus points, drape a white sheet over a low-hanging branch and project your partner’s favorite rom-com on it for a movie under the stars.

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