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5 fashion colors that look great on blondes

We once noticed that certain colors look great on brunettes. Whether bold pinks or pastel yellows, some shades simply stand out on those with dark hair. But what about those of us with lighter locks? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with these great shades for blondes, too.

There are a handful of colors that make blondes look their best – shades that offset the brightness of your hair and emphasize your skin tone. While we believe anyone can use any shade that makes them feel confident, these tried and true shades will keep you looking and feeling your best. In fact, we think it’s worth keeping this particular palette in your wardrobe for days when you just can’t put together a head-to-toe look.

Still skeptical? Let some of the world’s most stylish blondes illustrate why. Keep scrolling to see (and shop) the five shades that look absolutely stunning on blondes.

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