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5 basics later, and you’re practically French

Whether you love or hate the fashion world’s obsession with all things Français, you have to admit that French style is somewhat fascinating. Combine that with the trend to downsize your wardrobe and you have one convincing concept: the five-piece French wardrobe. While the movement gained a lot of traction in 2014, we thought we’d revisit the concept because it feels especially current in the days of capsule and uniform cabinets – and because we thought you might find this interesting.

The guidelines are quite simple: first make sure you have basic qualities for all clothing categories and remove from your wardrobe clothes that you do not wear, that you love and that you enjoy wearing. Buy new basics to fill in any gaps and remember quality over quantity. Second, limit your new purchases to five non-basic items per season (once in the spring/summer and once in the fall/winter) that will add a bit of personality and give your wardrobe a current and fresh feel.

If you’re wondering why it’s called a French wardrobe, the idea originated from a “French Style” thread on The Fashion Spot discussing how French wardrobe philosophy focuses on the concept of determining direction of your wardrobe.

As for its life-changing promises, the five-piece French wardrobe would help you cultivate a wardrobe that’s true to your aesthetic and stands the test of passing fads and seasons. The result is less money spent on items you don’t really need, less frustrating time spent figuring out what to wear, and a renewed sense of deep satisfaction with your wardrobe.

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