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4 swimsuits French girls rely on

Getting dressed for a beach day can be tricky. I’ve had a few battles with insecurities over the years, but can finally say I feel more confident than ever when I go to the beach. It was an overnight change that I am so grateful for, and I still remember the first day I wore a bathing suit without getting nervous. And to whom do I owe this transformation? I attribute much of it to quite a few self-love rituals that have helped me learn to love my body. But something that really accelerated the pace was finding chic cover-ups that made my look feel more styled and made me feel more confident.

French girls are my style icons, so of course I always turn to them for inspiration, and you’ll rarely see them at the beach without a chic and effortless cover draped over their bikinis. All you really need for your swimsuit collection are one or two good styles and a tub full of cover-ups that will make each one feel like new every time you wear them. I love that with many of these style options, say a good button-down shirt or a barely worn dress, you can easily wear them with more than just swimwear. Bring the South of France to your backyard with the fun bathing suit covers below.

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