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29 Chic Summer Fashion Items to Buy at Nordstrom

One of my dear friends regularly uses me as a sounding board for sartorial advice, and since I work in fashion, I live for it. On that note, while she has a range of summer items that she wears often, she recently said she’s a little “over” with some of her current offerings and wanted a few new finds to update her wardrobe. I told her I would send some links to items I’m working on right now. This time I turned to Nordstrom for said items as the range is quite strong.

I ended up sending her seven items that I think are particularly remarkable given their progressive yet very versatile nature. In short, the pieces in question could easily fit into her existing wardrobe. I’m referring to items like oversized shirts and tight sandals.

Keep scrolling to see the items I suggested to my friend (aka the first seven below). I’ve also rounded up some other chic items to consider.

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