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28 reasons to get inspired on International Women’s Day

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Time to let the women who have made a difference in your life know that you see them, be it your mother, aunt, sister, daughter or Beyoncé.

While every day is the right day to celebrate those who are changing our world for the better, one show, one song, one poem, one act, one law, or one life lesson at a time, International Women’s Day offers a special moment on the calendar to pause, appreciate, learn and discover how to get involved.

And while social media will also be inundated with shout-outs, stories, and quotes meant to set your heart on fire and make you think, we’ve put together a starter list of women from around the world you’ll love. be thankful that they exist in us. timeline.

Of course, a list of women who are currently driving change—whether through targeted activism or their own life-affirming work as artists, writers, athletes, political leaders and entrepreneurs—is constantly evolving and could go on forever. Just to have a selection ready for you on March 8, we had to stop typing at some point.

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So consider this a quick reminder that there are women out there who are tirelessly, fearlessly and unflappably doing their part to make the future more just, more just, more humane, compassionate and, yes, entertaining, because sometimes your part means watching Netflix and charging to watch. get up the next morning and do it all again.

What so many women have in common is that there is usually someone — be it a child, parent, friend, boss, neighbor, or pet — whose world gets better when they’re at their best.

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