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22 Best Mascara in 2022 – Top Mascara Reviews for Volume & Length

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In addition to perfumes, foundations, and favorite hair removal methods, once you find the thing that works for you, chances are you’ll become loyal and preachy about them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hounded my friends to buy my favorite renewal formula – when I love a beauty product so much, I either keep it or gouge it so hard I’m afraid I’ll somehow get on the board from the company. Even if my boyfriend has the exact opposite eyelash goals as I do, I won’t stop until they agree to my choices. After all, it takes years of formula testing to find the right mascara to lengthen, add volume, not smudge, and all those other little details that we focus on. My personal preference is for a product that separates my lashes, lasts all day and comes off easily with a cleansing balm. When I discovered that, I couldn’t let go.

But the editors at know that not all mascaras are created equal; some of us are looking for lengthening formulas that repair damaged lashes from failed extensions, and some of us just want to give our little hairs the thiccc life they deserve. So in an effort to gain more followers for our particular must-haves, we banded together to try and win some converts. Ahead, we share our 17 all-time favorite mascaras, from drugstore finds, Amazon best sellers, vegan formulas, chicly packaged investments, and all-time cult favorites. If your lashes are in dire need of some TLC, you might find your new best friend on this list.

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For dramatic lashes

Beautiful Mascara in 01 Nero

“The first time I wore this mascara, friends of mine started asking me what was on my lashes. My beauty-averse boyfriend, in amazement, asked if I wore false lashes. Anything that generates this much attention is a win in my book. ” — Tatjana Freund, Beauty Commerce Writer

2 Spectator Sports Mascara

“I’m always looking for a mascara that adds volume and length without excessive clumping. Gen See’s Spectator Sport Mascara does just that, even after multiple coats, while also being water resistant… and trust me, it is. .” — Emily Burns, assistant beauty editor


For a drugstore staple

Voluminous original mascara

“I’m not at all above drugstore beauty products. A prime example of this is L’Oréal’s Voluminous Original Mascara, aka the only mascara I’ll ever need. It lengthens, separates and adds volume without clumping or irritation and it costs less than $10. What more could you want?” — Claire Stern, Deputy Digital Editor


For the lazy beauty

Lipocils mascara

“I’m very specific about mascaras, and this is the only one I’ve actually put on in recent years. It has a curved rod that separates my lashes, extending them until they touch my brows, all without looking lumpy For me, the best part is that it’s super easy to take off at the end of the day, but still doesn’t smear under my eyes.” — Tatjana Freund, Beauty Commerce Writer


For zero clog

Stratosphere Volumizing Mascara

“I was ready to look like a raccoon for the rest of my makeup-wearing life until I met this lengthening mascara from Lune + Aster. It doesn’t clump after multiple coats, leaving my lashes looking false-level long, and most and most importantly, doesn’t end up on my face by the end of the night.” — Ariana Yaptangco Social Media & Beauty Editor


For the minimalist

Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

“Lately I’ve been obsessed with all things Rare Beauty. As someone with big brown eyes, my everyday look is minimal makeup and tons of mascara. Luckily, this one builds up really nicely and lasts all day. After two coats I’m ready to go!” — Leah Romero, digital designer

7 Strength and Length Serum Infused Mascara

“I love a makeup product that multitasks, like this mascara that’s infused with a red clover peptide serum to promote stronger and longer lashes. While the serum does its job, the mascara adds volume and length that lasts all day. sit down.” — Emily Burns, assistant beauty editor

8 Perversion Mascara

“This is a longtime favorite! The creamy formula is ultra black and brings the DRAMA to my lashes. When I wear it, people ask me where I got my lash extensions done…”nuff said, it’s a winner!” † — Danielle James, Interim Beauty Director


For length

Telescopic mascara

“A makeup artist friend recommended this lengthening mascara to me a few years ago, and I’ve been using it ever since! It’s definitely a plus.” — Rose Minutaglio, staff writer


For volume

High Volume Kush Mascara

“I didn’t care if any of the cannabis-infused beauty products were released at the speed of light, but Milk Makeup’s Kush Mascara is THE TRUTH. One swipe of this gave my tiny lashes more volume than I ever imagined. Plus, I can go low without it.” clumps or stains.” — Nerisha Penrose, Editor-in-Chief

11 Secret of Pharaoh Xtension Fiber Mascara

“If you’re on a budget but don’t want to miss out on quality, this is the mascara for you. Inspired by Cleopatra, I love the vibrant black formula. It doesn’t smudge after a long day and the applicator works well with my curled lashes. Not bad for a product under $5.00!” — Danielle James, Interim Beauty Director


For a smudge-free day

Iconic eyelash mascara

“Mascara is an everyday must, but I need a formula that lasts all day, smudge-free. This mascara is polymer-based, so the formula creates a tube-like sheath around each lash. My favorite part is the removal: it glides on.” literally off.” — Angel Lenise, lead video producer


For easy removal:

Liquid Eyelash Extensions Mascara™

“This Thrive mascara makes my lashes so long that they risk constantly touching my lid. It also comes off easily with water at the end of the day, so I’m not standing there rubbing my eyes.” — Madison Feller, staff writer


For the perfect balance

LashCraft High Volume Mascara

“If you want your lashes to tickle your brows, Sephora Lashcraft is the only mascara to grab out of your makeup bag. The bristles on this brush are spaced, teasing each strand outward and upward. The mascara itself is thick. enough to add volume, but light enough so that your lashes don’t get lumpy and heavy.” — Yousra Attia, photo editor

15 Cils Booster XL Super Enhancing Mascara Primer

“Okay, okay, okay, I know this isn’t technically a mascara, but as soon as I take it out of my makeup bag, I hear Beyoncé’s Upgrade You right away. Whatever mascara formula you use, this primer will make it look ten times better. It also doubles as an eyelash conditioner and promises thicker lashes over time.” — Danielle James, Interim Beauty Director


For strong lashes

They are real! Lengthening and volumizing mascara

“My lashes are thin and lighter than my actual hair. Without a good black mascara, they’re basically invisible. The benefits are real! The black formula glides on smooth without clumping and makes my little weaklings look thick and, well, really. ” — Katie Connor, Digital Director

17 Limitless Eyelash Lengthening Mascara

“I have long, curled lashes, but always struggle to keep the mascara from clumping them together. The two-sided applicator is the star of this product. One side has thin bristles to cover each lash. When I’m done with the application, I comb through my lashes the other way around to create a flawless look.” — Danielle James, Interim Beauty Director


For a buildable formula

Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume HD Mascara

“I can’t live without lashes and this mascara has a buildable formula that goes from bambi to bombshell quickly. It also manages to coat my lashes without getting all over the place and leaves no black residue at the end of the day.” — Ariana Yaptangco, Social Media Editor


For a game changer

Better than sex mascara

“I’ve tried many mascaras but I don’t know if I’ve ever been blown away by the way you transform my lashes. It really adds so much volume and fullness to my natural lashes that I don’t even need to curl them to compliment This is really a game-changer.” — Alyssa Bailey, news editor

20 FetishEyes Mascara

In the words of Pat McGrath, ‘This mascara is divine, honey.’ I’ve never met a mascara that can do it all: lift, add volume, curl and lengthen. I use this mascara when I want my lashes to be the star of the show.” — Chloe Hall, beauty director


for drama

Drama Bomb Extreme Volume Nourishing Mascara

It’s embarrassing how small (read: microscopic) my lashes are and I’m not quite the eyelash extension connoisseur I want to be. But the Uoma Beauty Drama Bomb mascara is literally “fake it ’til you make it” in a bottle. A few coats of this mascara make it look like I have way more lashes than I actually have, and it doesn’t clump or runny, so no Lauren Conrad mascara cracks here! — Nerisha Penrose, Beauty Commerce Editor

22 Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara

“Benefit Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara does exactly what it advertises: lift my curled lashes and make sure every lash is covered with product. It’s great as a mascara for everyday wear, but also buildable if you want a more dramatic look.” want.” — Danielle James, Interim Beauty Director

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