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20 Secrets About Drew Barrymore, Hollywood’s Ultimate Survivor

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No one has lived more life than Drew Barrymore.

There’s a bit of odd poetry in the fact that the iconic actress spent three seasons on the Netflix comedy Santa Clarita Diet, where she played the undead real estate agent Sheila Hammond who only really came to life after a traumatic incident that should have left her for dead. . Because if there’s one actress on this planet who can relate to that concept, it’s Barrymore.

With a career that started while she was still wearing diapers and, apart from brief periods of fallow, that has never really stopped, a family history that is not without struggles, a childhood that was anything but childish, the actress who was talked about during the daytime show host has lived through it. And like her character Sheila, she has miraculously managed to get through it all and come out stronger on the other side.

She may have been born into Hollywood royalty, but she is a legend to so many because she is the ultimate example of what it means to be a survivor. Santa Clarita Diet may have been shelved by the streaming giant in 2019 after three seasons, but Barrymore lives on, celebrating her 47th birthday on February 22.

“If you’re going through hell,” Barrymore once said, “I suggest you come back and learn something.”

But her story isn’t just about the hell she’s been through. It’s also about the happiness she’s been able to build from the lessons she’s learned along the way. And it’s all made for the kind of life that only seems possible in Hollywood.

So today let’s take a look at 20 of the most fascinating facts from a life like no other.

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