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16 makeup products for the perfect foundation routine

I couldn’t deny how easily I am influenced by the products and brands I see on TikTok if I tried. Sometimes you just need to see the same sponsored ad on my For You page for a week, and sometimes the first seven seconds of a one-minute product review is enough. Anyway, I can’t seem to escape TikTok’s viral products, and I’m not mad about it. When it comes to makeup, Charlotte Tilbury often takes center stage — and for good reason. The Beautiful Skin Foundation has made its way onto the screens (and faces) of top beauty enthusiasts who can’t stop singing its praises. This foundation has a medium coverage liquid formula that is made with ingredients that improve the appearance of your skin with every wear. “Glowing”, “hydrating” and “natural” are the buzzwords in every review, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t need convincing anymore.

If you’re anything like me and you’re already sold on this foundation, you can book a free 15 minute virtual consultation with Charlotte Tilbury’s foundation experts. The brand also offers a Foundation Finder, powered by beauty AI and lighting technology, for a flawless match in just 60 seconds. Below I’ve included some of Charlotte Tilbury’s bestselling products to give you the perfect foundation for your makeup routine. Keep scrolling for primers, setting sprays, brushes and more.

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