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12 things to get your wife on when she’s on her period

Menstruation is ready for hard times for women, and as a man it is sometimes hard to know what to do for her because you have no idea what is going on and how much pain she is going through.

Menstruation is the most uncomfortable week for any woman and she may have it every month.

When she has her period, she suffers from cramps, headaches, mood swings and acne.

A menstrual pack is a gift box that you give a woman when she is menstruating so that she feels loved and supported.

Boyfriends and husbands, here are some things to get your wife on when she’s on her period.

1. Chocolate

Yes! You got it right. Dark chocolate helps against menstrual cramps because it contains magnesium and relaxes the muscles.

2. Sanitary Pad

Do you know how expensive pads are? It sometimes feels like an essential but unnecessary item. Buying them for her will be such a relief.

3. Pantyliners

Guys, you may be hearing this for the first time, but panty liners are little pads a woman wears, so she won’t stain her pants.

4. Painkillers

Try getting her painkillers like acetaminophen, diclofenac, or ibuprofen (if she doesn’t have an ulcer) to help ease the pain.

5. Period Panties

No woman can say no to new underwear, so buy good cotton underwear for her.

6. Facial Scrub

To deal with those stubborn pimples and acne, you can get a nice facial scrub like St Ives or Simple.

7. Hot Water Bottle To Press On Her Tummy

When the cramps of stomach pain hit, a hot water bottle works magic to ease her pain.

8. Her Favorite Snacks

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Does she like Pringles or is she a cookie girl? Add some to the care package.

9. Fruits

What are her favorite fruits? Add some apples, strawberries, pineapple or bananas or her favorite fruit.

10. Ginger Tea

If she has a heavy flow, ginger tea will help reduce the flow.

Top it all off with a cute card to tell her you’re thinking about her and that you wanted to make her feel better.

11. Food

No one will say no to food. So give her something to eat. Of course, eating foods that reduce inflammation in the body will help tame menstrual cramps. These foods include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. Research has shown that both a vegetarian and plant-based diet work to reduce inflammation in the body

12. Money

Nothing relieves pain than a credit alert on your phone.

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